How can we get rid of a Dog’s Bad Breath?


Here is a question from Cheryl asking for some suggestions to get rid of bad breath.

She says : “My 2 years old Boston Terrier dog named Gigi has bad breath… How can we get rid of it?”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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How can we get rid of a Dog's Bad Breath?

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Joshua Lewis

I feed my dog carrots

Vicki Lewis

I brush my bt. once a week

Jeff Gieseke

Check teeth

BullsTo Bears


Jan Beaudette

Brushing teeth every day like you do makes it go away. I brush both of my dogs teeth. Not hard to do, so beneficial!

Helena Kosonen

Brush their teeth every week. It will help them and not get so many teethrocks that cause the bad smell

Guido Reker

Feed him properly

Preston Gordon

A greenie every morning works for mine, but it took a week or 2 to go from stinky to good after i started

Maryl Bennett

Greenies, and routine brushing of teeth, and gums.

Bob Cowan

Bad breath? How about bad farts? I can live with the breath thing but the other….

Perrie Freestone

Bad breath from a Boston? No way! Any Boston’s breath smells like ” Wild Roses & Honey”!!!

Paul Gaide

It’s the other end you need to worry about!!! 😂

George Fenwick

Play tug o war with a rag or a thick rope – much better than a toothbrush

Lorrie Hughes Burks

Dentastix! They’re buy one get
one free every so often at Publix and we load up on them for our three Boston babies. Works like a charm!😀

Judy Jerue

My daughter gets doggie breath fresheners from a feed store where she works.

Sarah Louise Young

Parsley works, and I brush her teeth once a week.👍🏻👍👌

Peggy Welch

My vet said the odor comes from their stomach many times and if you feed them a tablespoon of plain yogurt it will help their breath. It worked for my little guy.

Mitzi Debusk

My vet said w/o gum or teeth problems it could be a defensive thing. My dachshund has awful breath when men are around as she was a rescue from an abusive man. But breath ok just when it is me and her. Just a thought

Robert Van Buskirk

I have a four year old named Lulu, who I got from a breeder when she was two. She has the worst breath I have ever noticed in any dog! It does not seem to be tied to tooth decay or gum infection, or anything she eats. I really believe it is from her digestive tract. No idea how to fix it, but I can sure relate.

Jodie Beardsley

Probiotic I like to use Platinum

Jodie Beardsley

They have horse dog and cat supplements

Joshua Lewis

Try feeding carrots

FH Fryer


M Esteban Peñaloza

Manuela Chavarro

Amanda Smith

I have heard coconut oil is good for bad breath.

Cricket Hart

Could be some bad teeth. My BT Lorenzo started to have bad breath. I took him in for a cleaning and they ended pulling two back teeth that were decaying. No bad breath since.

Nadia Pereira

Brush his teeth.let them chew in parsley.or mint leaves or celery all safe for dogs and clean the breath

Shelly Hahn

The charcoal bones work too

Nadia Pereira

Excuse me….it is safe for them to chew in charcoal?

Shelly Hahn

They are bones with charcoal in them for dogs

Cheryl Kapustka

Brush their teeth weekly and use CET dog chews to fight plaque and tartar build-up.

Bill Citelli

Use pet smile toothpaste. Works really well.