How do we Stop this Bad Biting Behavior?


Here is a question from Mandi asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices about her Boston Terrier’s bad behavior.

She says : “I have a 9 month old male Boston Terrier who is full of energy! My husband and I love him to death but are getting very frustrated with him because he is always biting us! If I get up from the couch, or walk in the door from being at work all day, or simply walk around my house to get something done… he is attacking and biting our feet ! When we shout NO, he does it even more and starts to bark and growl. His adult teeth are in and it is starting to really hurt. The way he growls makes it seem like it’s coming from aggression.

Please help! How do we stop this bad behavior !?” We have tried spraying him with water, giving him time outs, and making high shreaking sounds. Nothing has worked so far. Thank You!”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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How do we Stop this Bad Biting Behavior?

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ours is 6 years old, and she was trying to bite us. but we are very strong/tough, and she have limits. she cant go to our room or stay in the coach. she sleeps in the kitchen, and are no allowed to bark, or anything lowd. we live in apartament, but we let her out and run a lot. she have several toys, but can use only one a time. when she try to bit us, we say “no” or “shhhhh”, and pick up a tiny bone and gave her, and say “you can bite that”. she take the bone… Read more »

Meg Kirkendall

He sure is cute! It sounds to me like he REALLY just wants your attention. Same principle with children “they want attention and will do anything to GET it. Bad behavior is the quickest route—don’t “reward “ that behavior.When you come home-let him cool down(it is natural for him to be excited to see you—he doesn’t have language—so he does what gets the fastest results! The results are NOT REASSURING.Shouting and scolding. Ask you vet or better still a dog trainer—they will coach you on how to train your pooch to respond lovingly to your living interactions.He is still young… Read more »

DeeDee Knierim-Couch

I have never had a Boston do this and have had many. When they were puppies I took a long time though to train proper biting/chewing. It took all their baby time but worth it. None have ever been adult biters ever. It worked for us for all of ours. I would think a constant training until the behavior is gone but of course easier when puppies.

Kathleen Jensen

Sean Jensen
Tristen Jensen

Alexavier Drake Enerio

Andwin Careena

Donna M. Dempsey Melby

We say,” No bite!”, and she stops. However, she chases and bites at our feet now and then. We can’t figure out how to stop this. We have tried the spray bottle and stopping/turning. She just barks and barks. Suggestions?

Angie Born Wright

Katrina Kolsosky

Jamie Wright

Angie Born Wright

Catherine Hoffman
Catherine Hoffman

It sounds like it is separation anxiety. Try ignoring him when you come in from being gone all day at work. Once he stops his bad behavior after you get home, then talk to him, pet him, give him love. The jackets that you can get for a dog with fear of thunderstorms and fireworks may be a good idea. He will associate the comfort jacket with you leaving. I would also leave a tv on so he can hear voices throughout the day. More than likely what he is actually wanting is reassurance that you are not going to… Read more »

Diane Zoelly

I would consult a vet behaviourist asap!

Michael Pierro

I used to act like Mikey hurt me and he would feel bad and stop. Until next time. He’s 11 now and has stopped doing it, for the most part.

Mandi Palmer

Eric Palmer Cindy Mc Caleb Palmer Katie Palmer

Cindy Mc Caleb Palmer

Wow everyone is going thru the same thing Mandi Palmer!

Mandi Palmer

Cindy Mc Caleb Palmer, I know right !? So crazy!

Katie Palmer

Mandi Palmer I delivered a pizza to a lady with a boston terrier the other night.. she said he was about to be 3 and has never been to school but bites feet too!!

Katie Palmer

It was funny cuz she had a beware of dog sign on the front door and the little guy was the only dog I saw😂😂

Lynn Kenny-Landry

we punish him when he bites us, he goes in his cage. he’s better but it seems worst when he gets tired and wants to be left alone. we keep on repeating “don’t bite” with a firm voice, he’s getting better but he’s still a puppy, I just hope he will grow out of it…..

Josielil Echano

If its no longer playbite, then thats something needs to be address instantly. Our BT does bite but often softly as he got used to being hand fed. Although when he gets crazy 😂 he sometimes accidentally bites firmer…

Sandra Tarpley Tolleson

My Boston Rocky is 1 year old and I put my hand up in front his face and say no bite! Anything you teach you have to keep repeating it over and over and they will finally get it. I also tell Rocky that crocodile is outside and he turns his head sideways and looks so funny. He stops biting. He is still in the puppy stage too. I have had Boston Terriers since I was 4 years old and I am 66 now. After I married we have always had 2 of them. That makes it so much easier.… Read more »

Chris Jones

Spray bottle with a little white vinegar in it, it will not hurt their eyes it’s the smell they don’t like, at the same time you spray them, say no bite ,loudly. Worked for my dirty biter🤣😂🤣

Eric Penman

My gurty does this when she’s too riled up! She bites peoples fingers when they come in the house! More exercise and interaction on a daily basis!

Ginger Lives

Give him to me

Philip Garrett

Ashley Garrett

TIna Maria Moore

Just like a previous comment I use a water bottle and spray water on my Bostons when they misbehave……

Lily Ann Marie

I’ve nibbled my Boston back 🤣 she just tilted her head and now thinks it’s a new game.

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

Mine kind of outgrew the biting. But he won’t come to me if he chooses not to. He will run from me and I cannot catch him. Anybody got any ideas on that training

Mandi Palmer

Same here !!

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

He’s even caught on to the treats as a bribe and that doesn’t even work

Margaret Zagone

Mine is the same way when we go outside!! Maybe try switching the treat you are using to coax and only use it for that so it really is a “treat”
Also have taught him “inside” so he knows he gets a treat if he comes inside, otherwise we use a leash!

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

Margaret Zagone i will try that. Thanks

Margaret Zagone

Lora Simpson Nordgreen good luck! I know how frustrating it is!

Jacqueline Davidson

One of mine does that and it’s like talk to a rock. She just looks at me like ‘nope, not gonna happen lady.’ And my other is like a dream come true! Seriously the best dog. Good luck!

Mandi Palmer

Why are Boston’s so dang stubborn?? I thought they are suppose to be super intelligent

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

Oh he’s super intelligent but he’s stubborn.

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

And my other Boston is so easy.

Lora Simpson Nordgreen
Elaine Perechlin

Mandi Palmer that is the Boston BULL Terrier in them. Bull headed when they want to be or where they want to go.

Lynn Kenny-Landry

mine does the same, but worst when he’s outside so I shake a treat bag and he comes running lol! I read clickers are supposed to work, I need to try it cause as he grows older he will realize that no treats are actually coming 😜

Janeen Begley

Glad I’m not the only one who has this problem! Stubborn little shits!

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

This is the bad boy. Wilbur

Lora Simpson Nordgreen

He just got neutered yesterday. And there’s no way this dogs not going to be running around jumping and everything else. He’s driving me crazy.

Janeen Begley

Yeah they are difficult to control, they have a mind of their own, and follow their nose into trouble

Janeen Begley

My little sticker

Lora Simpson Nordgreen


Crystal Bailey

Mine responded to a water bottle RIGHT AWAY. She only got sprayed maybe 3 or 4 times before she started recognizing the bottle. Now all I have to do is show her it and she’ll stop. I can’t have a biter even if it doesn’t hurt me she was hurting my kids!

Karen Morris

My Boston is 8 and still nipping, even went to a trainer. It seems when he is overly happy or excited and wants to play is when he nips and bites even if we are walking down the street and someone goes to pet him. Very embarrassing but they say it’s ok he is just playing. We do not like it and have screamed ouch he stops then continues, we now walk away form him until he settles down and yes it does hurt. I would also love to hear if someone has found a solution. Other than the nipping… Read more »

Marie Beau

My bt is a biter, I trained her with treats to stop..
Took a long time but were there

Mandi Palmer

How did you do that ?

Marie Beau

treat training…
I made her sit & wait till the distraction passed then reward her…
my bt hates joggers/runners..

April Marie

Same! Our 6th month old does the exact same thing and we have tried the exact same things with no luck!

Jane Noble

I sure hope someone posts an answer to this problem. We have the same issue with our Boston.