How do you Know the Signs of a Puppy Farmer?


Here is a question from Gemma asking other Boston Terrier owners about how to recognize a puppy farmer.

She says : “Hi just a quick question really that’s been playing on my mind since getting my Boston cross. How do you know the signs of a puppy farmer? The reason I’m asking is I’m doubting that my 6 month old is a Boston terrier cross (she’s meant to be cross cavalier King Charles). When we got to the house after been given the totally wrong address and post code we were met by the ‘husband’ of the lady selling the dogs. He didn’t know any of the answers to my questions like how old they were, when they were last fled and wormed etc. Really the only thing he did know the price! When I asked if I could have a little of the food which they were on to take home he gave me adult food? On the advert they were meant to be 12 weeks old….no injections or micro chipped. When I asked the man he said for me to text his wife as she knew the details and when I did she said they were 9 weeks old. Don’t get me wrong it makes no difference to me what breed she is as we love her for what ever she is (a little ball of energy). Just looking for some advice really on what I should do. Thanks x

Does anyone have any experiences and/or advices?
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How do you Know the Signs of a Puppy Farmer?

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11 Comments on "How do you Know the Signs of a Puppy Farmer?"

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Beth Cunningham Schultheis
You don’t pets. You farm agricultural animals. Pets In a farming set up have more issues. Adopt or pay the true cost of a well bred pup. Meet them at their home. Good breeders have a waiting list. Know their lines and require return/limit breeding rights. They don’t ship and don’t meet in parking lots. Don’t support a GREEDER and do your due diligence. A puppy store pet costs that store at most a couple hundred -$400 and you will pay 10 times that for a mill or farm dog. If looking for a working farm breed like a border… Read more »
Gemma Kenington

Thank you for your answers/advice. This is a picture of Blu when she was a small pup. She is meant to be a Boston cross caviler king Charlie’s. As I said in the question it doesn’t make a difference to me if she is a Boston or not as I love her for her and her wackiness. I’ve never had a Boston terrier before so I’m not sure on their typical behaviour habits. The older Blu gets I start to question it to what she is. Is there a way I can find out?

Nina Seturins

There are DNA kits that you can buy that use a cheek swab. We use the Wisdom Panel at our hospital. They are fairly accurate and will give you an idea what she is.

Harold Kelleher

She looks like a Bugg (Boston Terrier\Pug). We have four of these babies.

Kevin Brown

If the price seems to good to be true, it’s an obvious red flag. Plus certain geographical areas will often have lots for sale.

Denise Centeno

If this question is about a Boston Terrier shouldn’t the person who is asking the question be able to post a picture of a Boston Terrier? That picture does not look like a Boston to me.

Michelle Young

research research research. talk to the breeder first – they’ll be upfront with info. mine had a health guarantee, and i could ask the vet she used questions. i asked lots of questions that were breed specific – and she answered them well. if they wont answer questions, probably not a good idea.

Christine Waren

Pretty straightforward. Nobody researches anything anymore 😑