How does your Boston Terrier Sleep?


Here is a Question from Bridget asking about how other Boston Terrier Dogs are Sleeping.

How does your Boston Terrier Sleep? Are they sleeping in a funny way?

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How does your Boston Terrier Sleep?

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8 Comments on "How does your Boston Terrier Sleep?"

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June Floyd

Sometimes with his nose stuffed under my armpit. Altho’ not mine, I dog sit him so he seems like mine. LOL

Sarah Louise Young

Allways sleep funny. I think u would see a tired Boston laid on a washing line. Lol 💤💤💤💤

Diane Mandleur

However he wants 😛

Erin Carroll

Cuddled up under the covers laying on a pillow

Megan Mays

Likes to cuddle with his pack in the soft, pillowy nest.