How many Boston Terrier do you have?


Here is a quick poll to see how many Boston Terrier dogs people are currently having in their life. Do you have one? Do you have more than one?

Answer the following poll even if don’t have one! Fill out the poll and leave your comments!

How many Boston Terrier do you have?

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Tom hammond
Tom hammond

I have one right now I have had him for fifteen years and I love him more than anything else

Mari Enslin Owen

We have 4 Boston Girlz and a Mantle Great Dane thinking she’s a Boston too

Sandra Byrne

We have is a rescue

Amanda Francis

We have 1 his name is Wilson. He is our 1st BT he is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had 😃

Pam Harris

I had 6 but my brother took one and the momma and daddy died so now I have 3! That I love very very much! You are welcome to look at my pic’s! I have one with a blue eye and brown eye! Thank you for letting me see all these beautiful babies!

Marie Reardon

Right now I have no Bostons,but I have had a total of six.

Bernardo Enriquez

i have cute one!

Montana Sunrize

We have 3 ….all rescues

Alice Tuckey

We are a family of 5 they are the best dog ever!

Alice Tuckey

We have 5 Boston Terriers in our family we have 2 my daughter has 3 they are the joy of our lives. We have opened a total of 11 between the two family’s in the past, we have rescued many. They are the best dogs!

Charlie Carmona

Two, Bruno Maximus and Stella Christine Dae

Nathan Steiger


Margaret Cooper

Two , Henry and Minnie 🙂

Ida Williams

I did have 5 total

Linda Lair

Just one, wish a had more!

Maple Shade Paints

Have 2 awesome dogs would definitely have more

Ann Rosson Niver

Currently have two…14 year old Dixie and 3 month old Wilson. I am 69 years old and my Dad brought home our first Boston when I was 5. Over the past 64 years, I have had a total of 10 Boston Terriers. BEST dogs in the world. We are avid RVers and we questimate that Dixie has traveled over 25,000 miles during her lifetime…hopefully, Wilson will soon be a happy camper too.

Ronelle Minders
Ronelle Minders


Vickie Robin

We have two! Sweetpea and wilma mae!! There awesome!!

Kathy Deutermann

2. Remington is 6. Andy. Is almost 12. Love them to pieces!

Gina Hutto

One want have other one but husband said he has 2 other basset hound and other half breed Shepard

Jackie Pointer

2 lost 1/2 congestive heart failure but we will get another one very soon we always have2

Hedwig Brunner
Stefania Fried

Just 1

Linnéy Müller Lilly
Kerry Saaiman

We have three but it would be more if i was allowed…..

Judy Neely

7 BT’S. They are known as the magnificant 7. They are all wonderful. 2 boys. , 5 girls

Brenda Holcomb Valdez

Just 1, but hope to get another one soon

Sarah Louise Young

2 bostons

Paola Morgana Minopoli

Kyra 3 mons. .. 100% boston

Gayle Wilcox

2 Bostons 1 Bullmastiff

Jan Getz-Rayl

We are down to 1 right now, but I’ve had 6 through the years. Does that count?

Larry Olsen

I have 1 and he’s all I need.

Carol van Staden

We havefour : Owen, Johnny, Isabella and Milly, would not trade them for the world!

Elsa M Erasmus

Two spoiled ones

Judith Csefai

2. Half brother and sister

Lynn Hudak

Spud is our only Boston presently!

Jerry Bodie


Jean Vallee

2 of my own, 32 fosters over the past 5 years.

Jackie Hamill

1 – my beautiful 5 year old Daisy!

Michael Markham

2, but I’ve had many before but I always try to keep at least 2

Hailey Jordan

One precious baby girl

Andrea Murray Sams

Just the one.. But I want a bunch more. Lol

Monica Burnette Sexton

1 Boston Five month old Murphy

Janet Glenn

Lucy 100% Bruno 50% Boston 50% Jack Russell

Janet Glenn


Mt Thomas

Two but the little one ‘Macy’ we believe is not all Boston (but we don’t let her know that) ❤️

Gina-Lee Steeves-Morgan

Paxton, Bigsby and baby Harper

Simon Thomas