How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Maria asking other Boston Terrier owners about the purposes of registering a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “What purposes/benefits are there to AKC registration other than for breeding? How many of you have registered your Boston?”

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How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?

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Patricia Boone Bunch

Never got the papers as promised from the breeder. But does not matter as I would not breed her. Also she has a heart murmur. crappy breeder!!!

Sandy Hyde

Mine didn’t come with papers. Wouldn’t have registered her if they had. She’s my pet and I had her spayed.

Scott Marlow

3 of my 4 are purebred, but I see nothing but an unnecessary waste of money as they’re all spayed/neutered.

Rhonda Morris Lawrence

No. She has had health problems, and my vet said it did not matter, registered or not

Terri Hoppe

all of ours could have been registered. But chose not to. Registered just makes off springs more expensive to purchase. Registering can provide future owner to look at the blood lines and see type of carrier (color) can be thrown, temperament, etc.. To me, I wasn’t and am not interested in blood lines or any of the other things. I just love the breed. And all the ones (6) that have/were apart of my life brought lots of joy and happiness.

Stacey Turpin

Jesse Boy is AKC registered, he is 4-1/2 yrs old and I plan on starting to show him in all breed lure coursing and Scent Work, but he has been nuetered since he was 6 months old, and he is also my hearing and medical alert service dog

Diane Mason

Both of mine are KUSA registered since we are in South Africa. The breeder did all the KUSA stuff but since they have been spayed, they are just lap dogs now. My male was never registered and never even occurred to me since I get me dogs as pets and expect nothing more of them

Cathy Parkinson

Our male had papers, but our female didn’t. Couldn’t register her because her father had lost papers☹️ love them any way!!!❤️❤️🐶🐶

Rita Coleman

R first was registered. My husband wanted him to be.

Megan Mays

I have a rescue Boston. He had papers but who knows if they are legit. And who cares? Lol

Pam Mike Sayle

Why do you think a BT hasn’t won any runners up on AKC or UKC competitions? Or at least i haven’t seen. And why are they not in the Terrier group?


Boston Terriers are not “terriers”.

Ken Price

We do. Two. Our 4th and 5th.

Livi Thule

Only registered the first one, years ago.

Jeanie Shelton

I haven’t registered most of mine because I wasn’t going to show or breed them.

Brenda Keto

I never filled mine out and sent them in. No reason. I didn’t buy them to show them or breed them. They were family pets. We fixed all of ours when they were old enough.

Debbie McPherson Herron

Breeding and show. My are pets so I don’t care

Joyce Elizabeth

Mine is registered at the aka and I got him neutered.

Gabriel Orozco

It’s a scam honestly

Linda Beeson

Got the registration papers when we got our babies but never sent them in, don’t care about them being registered!!!

Brenda Keto

We never sent ours either!

Hatti O'Brien Hartman


Ray Hill

same here

Charisse Middlebrooks


Connie Severson

Both have been fixed, never bothered with the paperwork but could have been

Shelly Hahn

Mine has AKC papers but she is spayed! She has really bad allergies and I would never want to pass that on.I also would never want to put anyone thru the stress that we’ve gone thru

Rosemary Mccasey-paciocco

I know what you go thru we had one with allergies knee surgery and cancer she was so sweet best dog ever but passed on

Billy Hill


Jennifer Kirk

Yes. We are AKC registered.

Rexene Lockwood Hurst

My neutered male Boston is AKC and United Kennel Club registered. We show in agility and nosework.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

I never thought you could have dual registration. I was always told it was one or the other? But we registered our Boston Terrier and then had him neutered. We want the papers so we know who his parents are. It sounds silly for anyone who is planning on altering their puppy but it makes us feel like we know the breeder is not inbreeding their dogs. As for why someone would want the papers if they plan on breeding, most people want a puppy from an AKC papered parent.

Rexene Lockwood Hurst

Catherine Woolford Hoffman I recently registered Max with UKC so we could participate in UKC Nosework trials. ACK just started holding Nosework trials.

Rexene Lockwood Hurst

Catherine Woolford Hoffman , I registered Max with AKC when he was a pup. He will be 9 years old Dec 23rd and recently registered him with UKC so we could compete in their Nosework trials. AKC just recently started holding Nosework trials.

Johnny Squires

Mine is not registered but the father is but the mother is not how important to be KC registered

Nancy L Strong

Only need to register for showing or breeding

Nancy Dorsey

Could be registered, both are nuetered. Why spend the $?

Linda Langham

I lost my boston of 17yrs old

Gene Bridges
Linda Langham

It sure was sad day for me i am lookin for another one

Pamela Denny Ruid

I got the papers for one but wouldnt breed her. She loves human babies so much I’m sure it would have been hard on her to lose puppies.

Jeff Cooper

ours has papers etc.. but we never registered him & he is a happy unaltered 3 year old either way.

Robyn Anderson

We were given the papers but never wanted to.

Bill Reardon Sr.

Mine is a registered nut but we love him 😀

Harry Johnson

Well he gets that from his father

Donna Herold-Huth

We didn’t the akc papers for our BT. No need we were not going to breed her. We had her fixed.

Sara Harrison


Mona Dollarhide

All of mine could have been but I always spay so it didn’t make any difference to me. Wasn’t going to raise pups and certainly wouldn’t have sold any of my babies.

Lori Zea

I didn’t register my new pups since we won’t be breeding them or showing them