How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Maria asking other Boston Terrier owners about the purposes of registering a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “What purposes/benefits are there to AKC registration other than for breeding? How many of you have registered your Boston?”

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How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?

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48 Comments on "How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?"

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Patricia Boone Bunch

Never got the papers as promised from the breeder. But does not matter as I would not breed her. Also she has a heart murmur. crappy breeder!!!

Sandy Hyde

Mine didn’t come with papers. Wouldn’t have registered her if they had. She’s my pet and I had her spayed.

Scott Marlow

3 of my 4 are purebred, but I see nothing but an unnecessary waste of money as they’re all spayed/neutered.

Rhonda Morris Lawrence

No. She has had health problems, and my vet said it did not matter, registered or not

Terri Hoppe

all of ours could have been registered. But chose not to. Registered just makes off springs more expensive to purchase. Registering can provide future owner to look at the blood lines and see type of carrier (color) can be thrown, temperament, etc.. To me, I wasn’t and am not interested in blood lines or any of the other things. I just love the breed. And all the ones (6) that have/were apart of my life brought lots of joy and happiness.