How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Maria asking other Boston Terrier owners about the purposes of registering a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “What purposes/benefits are there to AKC registration other than for breeding? How many of you have registered your Boston?”

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How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?

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Stacey Turpin

Jesse Boy is AKC registered, he is 4-1/2 yrs old and I plan on starting to show him in all breed lure coursing and Scent Work, but he has been nuetered since he was 6 months old, and he is also my hearing and medical alert service dog

Diane Mason

Both of mine are KUSA registered since we are in South Africa. The breeder did all the KUSA stuff but since they have been spayed, they are just lap dogs now. My male was never registered and never even occurred to me since I get me dogs as pets and expect nothing more of them

Cathy Parkinson

Our male had papers, but our female didn’t. Couldn’t register her because her father had lost papers☹️ love them any way!!!❤️❤️🐶🐶

Rita Coleman

R first was registered. My husband wanted him to be.

Megan Mays

I have a rescue Boston. He had papers but who knows if they are legit. And who cares? Lol