How Much are Boston Terriers?


There are many people who are interrested about getting a Boston Terrier but how much do Boston Terriers cost?

Boston Terrier prices vary according to your area and where you get him/her from. The average price of a Boston Terrier is from 200$ to 1,200$ or more.

How much have you paid for your Boston Terrier(s)?

Respond to the following poll. You can also leave your comments about the price of Boston Terriers and about the price you got your Boston Terrier(s).

What is the price you paid for your Boston Terrier(s)?

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Neil Hobson

How many weeks should a puppy be before picked up by buyer?

Cristin Owens

800.00 in Florida

Gail Barbour

$350 as a rescue

Valerie Jung Gilbert

I got pick of the litter from my ex roommate for one and the other was a rescue. So both were free.

Edie Barbour

One was free, the other was a $400 foster fee. Both are wonderful dogs and I would have spent $1000’s on both!!!

Cathy Koehn


Tamie Alisa

1k for this monster ❤️

Carrie Williams

My first Boston was free. Spuds..(RIP, 2013) He was my co-pilot, and best friend for 14 yrs, and I’m happy to say I have 3 of his sons here with me!!!

Debra Felder Hebert

Paid $400 for my Elliesue 13 years ago. It will break my heart when I lose her. I plan on getting another Boston. Looking for a rescue next time. I love these goofy dogs.

Joanne Woodbridge

In Australia Bostons cost up from $4000 pure breed no papers.

Diane Mason

My 1st Boston was R700 (South Africa). I adopted my 2 girls so didn’t pay anything

Debbie O'Dell Clodfelter

Our Lucky was 600 here in NC

Ana Ochoa

She was a Mother’s Day gift. My little Frida

Jessica Anne

$1100 for Frank

Caitlin Jay

Oh I thought you were giving a price for a second lmfao

Jessica Anne

Caitlin Jay Jesus lord no!! He’s priceless ❤️😂

Caitlin Jay

Jessica Anne I’m a huge frank fan!

Jessica Anne

Caitlin Jay you guys will have to come have a game night w us and meet him!

Caitlin Jay

Jessica Anne omg, cards against humanity lol

Jessica Anne

Caitlin Jay yes! Unless the girls are home 😳 Then, we stick to wholesome games lmao

Caitlin Jay

Jessica Anne lol I think I have apples to apples too 😂 either way I like the sounds of this 👆🏼

Jessica Anne

Caitlin Jay We have a bazillion games

Sheri Stewart Shaw

I paid 300 for Maizie

Crystal Carmona

$700 & $800

Marianne Randle

$850. In 2001

Erin Carroll

800$&1200$ from pet shop 13&14 years ago but my pup from a breeder was 700$ & jax was rescued completely free

Elizabeth Cruz

$25, nine years ago.

Danielle Pionegro-Mosca


Klara Astros

In Sweden 🇸🇪 the price for a Boston is about 2500 USD. One of the more expensive breeds here. Our little mr Musse wasn’t registered so we paid 1500 USD for him and that’s a bargain for this lovely baby ❤️

Kelly Plouffe Taylor

$1500 for each, love them

Matt Whitworth

We got our boy from the pound for $20. Had him going on 8yrs and he’s the best damn dog I ever had!

Sandy Hicks

Give had 4 buddy-300 ,betty-350,Bella-160 ,Bosch-60 . the last 2 were in pretty bad condition when I got them but the last only two we have left very healthy now . a dog door and a fenced yard 👍

Sally Spikes

So many Bostons, needing homes, why buy.

Jessica Anne

Really? Where?

Linda Bayley Gullotta

Looking for one! Can you direct me to a rescue?

Sally Spikes

Linda Bayley Gullotta l know Daytona Beach Florida always has plenty.You could look them up on internet.They could steer you in right direction.

Luz Mejia-Macias

Paid $900 for our black and white male Diesel and our fawn female Lola was $1,000. Worth every penny. Bostons are the best 💕

Barbara Carter

100$ n has.papers n beautiful

Karen Martin

800 for my baby girl Sienna. I love her and drove twelve hours to pick her up. Best money I have ever spent.

Robin McConnell

Good boy!

Ron Winski

$2000. Her father was one of the top Boston’s in America. Won BOB at all the biggest shows. I had just lost my 3 year old champion who had just finished. I wanted to show this puppy so I bought a girl with excellent pedigree . I quickly found out she had cataracts, her nose is pinched and she has a muscular problem that make her eyes protrude even more than the typical Boston. She only was in 1 show and did horribly due to all her medical conditions. Yep, I overpaid for a show dog but got an amazing… Read more »

Gina Baker

$1000 inPhoenix

Gayle Dormaier

$1000.00. Was disappointed to find out I could only register him through the Continental Kennel Club instead of the AKC cuz the breeder didn’t want the cost of genetic testing. BUT!! I don’t care if he is registered anyway cuz he is my heart ❤️.

Shannon Widman Daily

$600. Today is Zeke’s Birthday. 1 year old. Priceless

Paulene Ferrell

I have a boxer named Zeke!! Our Boston is Eddie❤️❤️

Andrea Guzman

My Daisy had a previous owner who payed $800 for her but he rehomed her to me for $350 because he had no time for her. Best $350
I ever spent! ❤️❤️🐶

Livi Thule

$750 from a breeder, $250 from a rescue org.

Bulle Léger

0$ mais… L’opération des rotules aux deux pattes arrières 5000$… Je voulais sauver ma p’tite Bulle de l’euthanasie elle n’avait que 9 mois

Martine Stormacq

Bulle est très jolie 😍 J’espère que cette sérieuse et coûteuse intervention a été couronnée de succès !

Bulle Léger

Oh oui mais maintenant elle a des dysplasies sévères aux deux hanches….pauvre cocotte

Bulle Léger
Fred Dickerson

My three Boston’s might not be perfect but they are Priceless to me so who cares what they cost

Pamela Denny Ruid

$250, daughter’s bf paid $350 For new puppy

Kathy Nitz


Ken Price

Is there a price too high?

Carrie Williams


Ken Price

Carrie Williams

Ken Price

Carrie Williams 2500 in Sweden. Still 300 here.

Linda Thomas Swope

I had to put my Luna down in December the hardest thing I’ve ever DONE I miss her so much I come home from and she S not there I have 400.00for 10 years ago best 400.00 dollars I ever spent

Carol Allen

Never paid more than $350 for any of my four.

Carol Allen

And they were all registered.

Janeen Begley

Cleo was $750, worth a million!

Doug Perry

Gotta admit that is one CUTE doggie!

Janeen Begley

Doug Perry

Janeen Begley

Thanks! Love this little girl

Laurie A Day

Just his Senior dog adoption fee from the shelter. It was $125 and the best 125 I have ever spent!!!!

Caitlin Kelley

Free. She’s a reject pup from a pet-store breeder (we know how those go 🙄). Has a bum leg and a foggy eye, so we’ll see what she costs in vet bills 😬💸. Never had one before, but I recently lost my beloved Old English Bulldog, and this little girl is doing well so far 😊. Let’s hope the vet visit goes well 🤞🏻

Sally Bozarth

$150 bucks. His nose was too long, and he was “too large”. I slapped the money in their hands and got him away from those people as fast as I could.

Sally Bozarth

Who could not love this tiny baby face. His ears were not even standing up yet. He will be 13 in July. He is my best friend.

Sandra Hezeltine

Beautiful little guy

Sally Bozarth

Thank you. This was him, last week after just waking up. He will be 13 in July. He is not a morning dog, and is always last out of bed. <3

Sally Bozarth

That you. This was him, last week after just waking up. He will be 13 in July. He is not a morning dog, and is always last out of bed. <3

Anne Graham


Sally Bozarth

Thank you. At almost 13 he still acts like a puppy. I take him for walks, he makes his stinky, and I say, “I think I will race you home for the cookie” And I unsnap his lead and he FLIES home….we live on a cul de sac, no cars huge lots, so he is pretty safe and he so loves to run like that.

Michelle Zier

OMG! He’s beautiful

Danielle Pionegro-Mosca

Too cute .. you got a bargain !

Debra Felder Hebert

Such a sweet frosty face.

Rhonda Morris Lawrence

We paid a local person $400. But, we’ve spent over $20,000 in vet bills over 12 plus years because of mast cell and Cushing disease (including
Regular maintenance). I asked the vet if AKC would lessen the chance, but he didn’t think so

Kristen Whitecavage Herbert

400. 7 years ago.

Rosco Ziggy

Free, I rescued Rosco Ziggy from a very despicable abuser.

Angie Adams Tomlinson

$150 for my sweet Wally.