How Much are Boston Terriers?


    There are many people who are interrested about getting a Boston Terrier but how much do Boston Terriers cost?

    Boston Terrier prices vary according to your area and where you get him/her from. The average price of a Boston Terrier is from 200$ to 1,200$ or more.

    How much have you paid for your Boston Terrier(s)?

    Respond to the following poll. You can also leave your comments about the price of Boston Terriers and about the price you got your Boston Terrier(s).

    What is the price you paid for your Boston Terrier(s)?

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    3 Comments on "How Much are Boston Terriers?"

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    lexy martz

    i agree danger is about to be two years coming november. and he has his papers and i paid 450$ for him. he is a great dog! danger has been and always will be apart of the family as long as i live.. he is the only man in my life i need, lol. but it is true! my dog is the world too me no matter how much people will through at me for him no ones getting him! i love him too too much!!!

    lexy martz

    i paid 450$ for my dog and to be honest it was worth it because he is a 1000$ dollar dog!!


    I think it depends. If they are registered or not. I paid $500 for Buster and he’s a purebred with papers. I paid $300 for Stella and she doesn’t have papers. Of course price is no object. They are a part of the family and to me they’re priceless.