How Much Daily Exercise Do a Boston Terrier Dog Needs?


Here is a question from someone named Dorcas asking about if a Boston Terrier dog does require a lot of exercise and if a Boston can take the very cold weather.

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Abbey Patiently Waiting to go for a Walk in Henderson, USA

She says : “I had a lovely jack russel terrier which was a beautiful girl but she is no longer in my life sadly but I am looking for a new companion. I have bad knees and running is out of the question anymore so I am looking for a dog who does not require as much exercise and I came across the boston terrier but I have found different information here and there. one place says they don’t require so much exercise and others say they are energetic.”

“By your opinion how long of a walk would they need daily? 30-60 minutes? I live in Syracuse, NY and we get very cold here and can have frightful snow at times. Can a boston take that kind of weather?”

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Makiri Sei

Keep a Boston inside and give him/her a coat before going outside. Watch for painful frostbites on those big ears.

Cheryl Ann

This is what you need when your in Canada 🇨🇦

Martins Martins

Eliomar Oliveira

Katrina Tarres

Debbie Leyden

Sandra Ann Sanchez

THAT’S MY BOSTON AGAIN Robert J Sanchez Roberto Sanchez Shirley Sanchez

Katie Wilson


Tina Louise Morales

Ron Torrez

Pat Horton

We walk 2 miles — 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening…

Cecillia Wise

Should be “does a Boston Terrier need”, not “do a Boston Terrier need”–come on people–proof read–stop the dumbing down of America!

Andrew Buddy Hughes

I have made mine tired but I have never “wore her out” lol, she is always ready for more

Bob Cowan

Just as much has his human can stand.

Mark Black

More than me lol

Nicole Taggart

Ours need 3 miles a day to be chill. If we can get in 5 with them then they are really happy

Flavio Civale

Sim Civale du machst schon richtig mon amour

Stephanee Marie Gilbertson

Jeff Gilbertson

Becky Casto Ledford

They can if you dress them in a sweater or coat.

Debbie McPherson Herron

Exercise as much as possible. My girl has bond less amounts of energy. She does get cold but that’s why they make doggie sweaters. Btw they are not outside dogs

Jeff Connelly


Jeff Connelly

I throw the ball for her outside for 20 min a day. Shes 5 yrs old. Seems like enough.

Brenda Keto

Daisy loved it!

Brenda Keto

Otto goes three miles a day!

Laura Westerhouse Skorczewski

I agree with Becky Beloit. Their little paws get cold walking on the cold surface of road or sidewalk. Get very warm sweater or insulated coat. If running around the yard, maybe 15 minuets.

Susan Hemmings

Sandra Dodge

Karen Morris

When I walk my Boston in the cold weather I watch him to see when it is time to go home usually one half hour. Also remember the pads of their feet get very cold, I put mushers secret on them. This is what is used on sled dogs.

Bruce Newman

Until they drop

Nancy Gustafson


Joyce Elizabeth

Endless. Going to doggie daycare isn’t enough for my little monster sometimes.

Joyce Elizabeth

Why are you mad Crystal Carmona? I have the most energetic boy. It doesn’t mean he’s bad. I can pick him up from running around for 8 hours and hem would still play if possible. My little monster Is a term of endearment.

Ally Monville

Yeah my Boston will basically tell you if he needs exercise. Usually we play fetch for like 10 or 15 minutes in the house. He doesn’t like the outside right now cuz we live in Michigan and it is cold! He does have a sweater but it only does so much

Gail Barbour

My sister has had three different Bostons and she lives in Alaska! She made a snow suit for each one and they wear booties in the snow. I have a Boston and she hates cold and/or wet weather.

Sally Spikes

Bostons do not take the cold well, mine always wore sweaters.We were never out long.

Bruno Fernandes

Loves the sun

Amanda Passmore

Richard Passmore Becky Passmore

Tammy Governale-Storts

I take mine for a walk about 45 minutes a day…not every single day but at least 5 days a week….if she isn’t going for walks she is chasing the ball non stop…I did get her a rain coat and sweaters to keep her warm but mine is full of energy! And a huge snuggler!

Becky Belois

10 min at the most.

Pam Mike Sayle

My Bella goes outside and runs after squirrels, in hot or cold. A cold squirt of the hose will cool them off. Then in the cold, she is so busy with searching and sniffing, she doesn’t care about the temps. I force her to come in shivering or smelling of sweat. She stays outside about 30 minutes in winter and up to an hour in the heat.

Margaret Zagone

Just got my guy a little sweater for the cold! Such an energetic little guy, he can be intolerable if we don’t exercise him enough, then loves to cuddle when he’s all tired out

Becky Belois

So cute,what a pretty face.

Brenda Keto

Is he ever cute! 😊

Margaret Zagone

Thank you!! He’s very spoiled

Brenda Keto

Of course!!

Deb Sage

NO. They absolutely cannot take cold weather.

Brenda Keto

Mine do!

Missy Fitschen

My Boston can be a couch potato when inside! But once outside he runs around like crazy! Loves to play ball but to get him to stop playing I have to put the ball up! Otherwise he would play all day! He also loves snow! Especially snow balls! He likes trying to catch them in his mouth! Too

Mandi Palmer

My Boston hates the cold. He’s only 6 months old tho. Do you think this will change and he will eventually like it?

Lindsey McNamara

My Boston is almost 6 and he has always hated the cold. We play indoors in winter, he especially likes the laser pointer. Your Boston may never like the cold, so you have to find things for him to do inside. You have to be very careful how long you keep them out. They just don’t have the coat for it.

Missy Fitschen

Mandi Palmer I can’t say for sure! I have grown up with dogs some loved the snow and some didn’t! I have a sweater on mine when he’s out and I have use dog mittens on his paws when it’s icy! His favorite thing in the snow is when I throw the snow balls and he try’s catching them! I just think it depends on the dog!

Brenda Keto

He will!

Manuel Calvickham

Se parece a bog Veronica Luna Vazquez como se comporta

Noel Stiles

Too much exercise will tire him out particularly when it is hot. So don;t over do it. Bostons do not like the cold and need to be kept warm in very cold weather.

Doug Runco


Toni Bushart West

They hibernate. But do get the zoomies daily

Jim Kapner

Yes it does require exercise, just like humans otherwise it gets fat just like you………dont over feed them that is just as dangerous to them as to you.

Asb Coordinator

I live in Sweden and it can get -20 celsius in the winter so mine wears a wool sweater and a padded jacket on top and fur booties ftom Muttluks when it’s below 0 celsius. That works.

Dorcas Rodriguez

Thank you everyone for the advice.


This is my 5th Boston Terrier and first female-Phoebe Buffay.
They need exercise and attention. At least 30min. to an hour walk a day, and
they are not fans of the cold but will go out as long as they can exercise in it.
They are terrific dogs, but this last one was not from a breeder and although she is absolutely adorable, has cost me at least $10 000 for mainly eye cataract surgeries.She’s only 4 and I couldn’t let her be blind her whole life. Lesson learned, always use a reputable breeder.

Lucas Bozek

Seven walks a day, two play sessions for 45 minutes each starting at 5:00 am

Patti Soper Roodzant

Mine could probably be considered a senior citizen. …she has outbursts of energy, but mostly prefers to be a lap lander. ….but oh…when shes in the mood, look out!

J John Peters
J John Peters

We have a 14 1/2 year old Boston that has been in a wheelchair now for almost 3yrs. HE would play with the other dogs when he was a pup an not. He would run until he couldn’t run any more. run, jump and even try to swim and not well. We still did very short walks in his wheelchair and people love to see him. He LOVES people , not the cold for that he has lots of sweaters and coats. For the rain he has a yellow rain coat. But now he doesn’t get around much lately do… Read more »


My guy doesn’t like to be outside for too long if it’s colder than -12C. I put wool a sweater and a winter jacket on him to keep him warm, even though he doesn’t like wearing clothes. It can get to -30C here. He’s very efficient in his bathroom duities when it gets cold that cold. I don’t tend to walk him if it’s colder than -12C. He usually gets 1-2 good walks in a week with short 15-20 min walks during the week. (My vet says he’s at the perfect weight.) They don’t need as much excercise compared to… Read more »

Shannon Mahaney

I have an 8 month old Boston who loves walks and the dog parks but is a total couch potato!

Gayle Susan

Boston’s do not do well in extreme heat or cold. But that doesn’t mean they can’t go outside in the winter or summer. Mine loves to be outside in the summer but I have a small kiddie pool filled for her on extremely hot days. Active, yes! Mine sleeps ALL day long. I get home from work about 4 and then she wants to play. If I am busy she keeps herself occupied. She will play until bedtime but it’s fun. But when I tell her you’re done she will go off on her own. Very easy to train too!

Tammy D Moss-Harris

Same here

Robin May Ruggie

I’m so ashamed that I don’t get my guy more exercise. I’m disabled and don’t get out much. He LOVES to play tug-o-war but that doesn’t give him weight control.

Heather Gunderson

I would say a thirty minute walk a day would be good! If it’s too cold play fetch in the house!

Carla Bienkowski

Yes, I take my young guy out and play ball until he forgets to bring it back.