How much do you think Maia the Boston Terrier Girl Weighs?


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Maia at 67 days old from Northen Italy.

Her owner wanted to know how she weighs… the answer is after her picture down below! 🙂

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How much do you think Maia the Boston Terrier Girl Weighs?

She weighs 2580g (5.7lbs)

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Maria Ortiz


Eric Pin

Rosaria Manenti 🙂

Bill Durand


Sheila Wimberly

What a cutie

Barbara Thompson
Barbara Thompson

Is there anyone that breeds these precious BTs? Mississippi or Alabama ??

Molly Jean


Carol Cooke

3.5 lbs and she is a beauty

Charles Virone

5-1/2 pounds

Evan Vincent


Apollo Mandragora

Q wapa!!!

Caroline Boucher

I have a big girl, Darcy will be 2 in October and is 26 pounds

Starr Smith

Pure adorableness!

Sue Spagnolo-Orvis

Can I have her?? Ours is a little over one years old and she is 12 lbs.

Yamitza Rodriguez

Roger Moore 💙💙💙

Raphaële LD

Véronique Giasson

Candice Van der Walt


Melanie Ayers Workman


Kelly McCarn

5 lbs. looks about the same size as my Maisie at 8-9 weeks

Maple Shade Paints

At that age mine was 4.7 lbs

Michael Kallinick

5 pounds.

Katherine Mcneil

1 lb

Laura Hughes

Daniel Hughes I still need at least 3 more Bostons 😍😍😍

Julie Baldwin Winn

5 lbs

Linda Hutson

10 lbs.

Erk C. Haridamrong

Iinthefon Korakoch Woramuksik

Dana Rodden-Green


Becky Casto Ledford

4 1/2 lbs

William Rathge

7.5 LBS

Linda Yingst

My Mona Lisa is 8yrs old, & weighs about 20#!

Alicia Fiducia

Mine too…maybe a pound or 2 more but she is 8 too

Carole Ross Nelson

Do REALLY have to weigh everything and everybody??? Just leave it as she is just perfect!!!

Judy Higgins-Parker

I love her! 9.50 lbs…

Janis Gott Burden


Sharon Dingledine

Love the little cutie.

Lucienne Sheyla

Maya Saint-Pierre

Joyce Powell


Peggy Singleton Proveaux

3 lb. 2 oz. ❤️

Wes Brown

She weighs exactly right!

Liz Andrews

So cute !! ::-))).

Cheryl Stewart

My little Gigi is fully grown and weighs 6.5kg….she is beautiful

Laura Hughes

My Frank is exactly the same size as Gigi ☺️

Joanne Mackey-Coelho


Cindy J. Ray


Janeen Begley

Mine weighed 3.5 at 2 months, so I will guess 5 pounds

Sandy Engle

6lbs. I’ll take her now

Ann-Catrin Strom

So adorable!🐾❤️

Brenda Vaudry

8 lbs

Rocio Oquendo

2,5 kg ???

Donna Woods Shipley

2 lbs. 8 oz.

Tom Couch

She weighs about 1 cup of coffee – no cream or sugar.

Patricia Hatfield