How Other Boston Terrier Owners Deal with their BT Having Seizures?


Here is a Question from Joanne asking about how other Boston Terrier owners deal with their BT having seizures.

“My BT has recently started having seizures, we brought him to his vet and she done blood work which came back perfect! The vet actually said he was perfectly healthy But my poor BT has his last seizure yesterday and we are now going to have to put him on seizure meds.

Wondering how other BT owners deal with their BT having seizures and how was the BT after having to take seizure meds?”

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Frank Tyning

Once the seizures get worse .. There in trouble.. Iv been thru this..

Frank Tyning

It’s Sad .. But These Smart Happy Dogs .. Have Problems ..
I Miss My Little Guy.. I Spent a lot of money . Trying to save Him..
Make sure you Hav a Good Vet.

Frank Tyning

My Boston lived .. Six years he started having seizures three years ago. He was on meds .. And always had good food.. But He .. Dident make it.. I miss Him..

Jenn Marciante Specketer
Joanne – My Gabby girl has epilepsy and has had seizures since she was 3. She’s 6 now. She is just like your baby – perfectly healthy except for the epilepsy. Blood work is always good, organs always healthy. It’s so very difficult. Gabby’s seem to be on schedule too – every 6 months. However, hers are becoming more severe to the point of not stopping. It’s one day at a time with us. She is on Zonisamide which for now, doesn’t seem to have any side effects. If the seizures increase since this last one this past Saturday, we… Read more »
We have two BT cousins (we consider them brothers) about 2 months apart. Both will be 7 in a couple months. The oldest has been on Pheonobarbatol since he was a year old. His dose being upped as needed. His seizures are VERY random. There is absolutely no common thread. I agree with the others posting to just stay as calm as you can, don’t move them, just sit next to them and talk calmly…letting them know you are there is the best thing you can do. Seizures are horrible to watch, but honestly they do NOT remember having them…… Read more »