How Other Boston Terrier Owners Deal with their BT Having Seizures?

Here is a Question from Joanne Rose-Foster asking about how other Boston Terrier owners deal with their BT having seizures.

“My BT has recently started having seizures, we brought him to his vet and she done blood work which came back perfect! The vet actually said he was perfectly healthy But my poor BT has his last seizure yesterday and we are now going to have to put him on seizure meds.

Wondering how other BT owners deal with their BT having seizures and how was the BT after having to take seizure meds?”

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  1. Jenn Marciante SpecketerJenn Marciante Specketer on

    Joanne – My Gabby girl has epilepsy and has had seizures since she was 3. She’s 6 now. She is just like your baby – perfectly healthy except for the epilepsy. Blood work is always good, organs always healthy. It’s so very difficult. Gabby’s seem to be on schedule too – every 6 months. However, hers are becoming more severe to the point of not stopping. It’s one day at a time with us. She is on Zonisamide which for now, doesn’t seem to have any side effects. If the seizures increase since this last one this past Saturday, we may add Keppra. Just make sure the meds are given the same time everyday and that you keep a log book to note patterns and anything different you’ve experienced. Gabby doesn’t seem to have a trigger – she’s just extra phlegmy the few days leading up to one which has me wondering if the two are connected at all. Prayers for you as I know how hard it can be!

  2. Steph on

    We have two BT cousins (we consider them brothers) about 2 months apart. Both will be 7 in a couple months. The oldest has been on Pheonobarbatol since he was a year old. His dose being upped as needed. His seizures are VERY random. There is absolutely no common thread. I agree with the others posting to just stay as calm as you can, don’t move them, just sit next to them and talk calmly…letting them know you are there is the best thing you can do. Seizures are horrible to watch, but honestly they do NOT remember having them… thankfully that is a plus. Just like we love our human family and friends..we .cherish every moment with them. I know my seizure baby is special, and I will continue the Pheno regemine to keep him as long as I can!

  3. Lori SteersLori Steers on

    mine has seizures now & then only last a min or 2 not real bad but they can feel them coming on they don’t want to be alone & if you hold they tight & talk to them it calms them down some times can talk to them when they start to have one they will come out of it befor they get bad

  4. Chris WhiteChris White on

    our boston Ethel started them after something hit her hard on the head she was never precribed meds we would just stay wtth her till the seizure ended l think you find its harder on you having to watch them go thew them than it is on them she passed away 3 years later no medication l say a prayer for your fur baby sorry l couldnt help more

  5. Joanne Rose-FosterJoanne Rose-Foster on

    Thanks everyone for the comments, to answer some questions…no we donot use any pesticide or fertilizer, to the lady about the stress, our bt has no stress believe me!!!! :-) The weird thing about his seizures are that they are almost on schedule, the last couple have been 2 months apart and are always within a few days in the same month, his last one was the 2nd of the month and the one he had the other day was the 2nd of the month also, which is extremely odd!

  6. Dee WagnerDee Wagner on

    my Tay has had 4 seizures in a month & he’s never had them b4. He also needs to go on meds but he’s also healthy & we don’t know what’s causing them. Praying for your baby!!

  7. Nicole PaolineNicole Paoline on

    Mine is having seizures :( bulldog breeds like the Boston are prone to brain cancer but it could be due to a medication that the dog is on. Mine is very sensitive to meds like frontline and ketoconizole. I keep a towel in every room and avoid moving her while she’s having her seizure. Also do you use pesticides or fertilizers at all? That could be another cause because pets like dogs are very sensitive to the chemicals.

  8. Françoise BergerFrançoise Berger on

    I lost mine after a few months of suffering seizures at age 6. Heartbreaking.
    You need to figure out the cause of why s/he suffers from them. If it’s an organic cause (her bllod work was perfect, btw… orthodox’ medicine’s measures are not helpful anymore), giving seizure meds will be a catch 22, as it was with my girl.
    Otherwise, stay calm, NO stresses, no tensions from the fear, but don’t put her in a vacuum either. Dogs get rid of stress thru running, so grand your dog a normal life. And please try to find the cause of this terrible condition. Best of luck!!!


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