How to Cool a Dog Down in Hot Weather?

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Cold water? Aircon? Fan? How to Cool a Dog Down in Hot Weather? Should we wet his/her nose or paws ? Will he/she go in the shade by himself ? Is it possible that his/her behavior changes because of the heat?

Here are some tips for your dog so that he/she does not suffer from the summer heat. 🙂

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1. Keep a bowl of fresh water near the dog at all times!

Keep a bowl of fresh water near the dog at all times

2. Give your dog somewhere to get wet!

Give your dog somewhere to get wet!3. Include games with water to cool down your dog!

Include games with water to cool down your dog

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Andrew Goldie

Ours loves the bath tub.

Cheri Finley

The comment about outside temp and inside temp being similar isn’t realistic. Here in Florida, or anywhere the temp gets in the 80s/90s, the house is kept significantly cooler for comfort!

Amanda Smith

Mine will play in the sprinkler with my kids some.

Ralph Bennett

Bostons are very heat sensitive. Also do not tolerate cold temperatures

Tatjana Schanche

Susann Antonio
Hvis vi får en skikkelig sommer…

Alex Freitas

Graham Rimmer

Melissa Macdonald

I bought a doggie cooling mat at home sense yesterday. Hopefully it helps on hot days at the cottage.

Maude Demers

Ismail Guessous c’que j’te dis tjrs , ca prend une petite piscine a Mimi 😀😀😀

Ismail Guessous

Hhhh h 😂

Susanne Norton La Faver

Lyle W. La Faver

D Luna Alesh

Alberto Abraham De Luna Villa

Anita Björkhem

Great idea. Maybe this summer I cAn get my Stormy to stick his legs in a bucket??

David C. Landress

Our Sunny seemed a bit overheated yesterday. So I threw a cup full of ice cubes on the porch. Between the cool licks, and standing in the cool melting puddle, it seemed to work pretty good.

Rachael White

Marisa White

Sanja Hvalec

Maja Hvalec

Ana Luisa Perez

Its Friday, no more work, mom!!🙄😃

Sharon Capener

Good tips.

Sally Khouri

Joe Perna Nadia Khoury here he is again❣