How to get a Boston Terrier to Listen while Outside?


Here is a question from Josh asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices to get a Boston Terrier to listen.

He says : “My Boston Terrier is named Tucker, he’s seven month old and i’m having a problem getting him to listen while outside… Any suggestions?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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How to get a Boston Terrier to Listen while Outside?

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Heather Bodiford Crowe

When there are no distractions, mine listen and are on point unleashed. Humans, squirrels, bears, all other distractions it’s a loss cause.

Suzanne Gibbons

Christopher Gibbons

Kristopher Pollock

A leash and discipline let them know your the boss

Patricia Bohorquez

It is impossible😅

Matthew Davis

they are a bit of a stubborn breed. My Boston Baby was very aloof to the happenings of the outside world, luckily. Now my Pug is nosey and I cant get him to focus. We stop and make him sit this kinda helps..LOL

Pat Travis

Good question.I thought mine was losing her hearing until I tested her in the house.When she was in the back of the house I rattled a food paper at the other end of house. She was at my feet in a heartbeat.Nothing wrong with the ears.Sure doesn’t hear me outside. Lol.

Barbara Salmon

Good luck.
Our couch potato Louie is the Houdini of dog harnesses.
He sleeps all day, until his walk. Then he wrestles out of his harness and takes off like the Road Runner after little kids and giant dogs.

Reivaj Nireves

i snap my fingers and whisle, good results almost everywhere (except in a dog park, she gets nuts)

Gillian Hirst

Treats they love being rewarded,and fun lots of fun

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

My husband has an orange in his pocket they are addicted…..

Marty Stuart

Goodie bag sounds.

Johnny Squires

Kirsty Louise Varley

FH Fryer


Carol Burek


Amber Mat-Met

Start with food dominance.

Christina Papoulias

Before heading outside, pray to the god of your choice then leash him and firmly make sure you tell them to be a good boy/girl. In your inside voice you pray there’s no other dogs outside at the same time as you cause then you have to do the “hey hey (insert dog’s name) look let’s go run” and proceed to run the other way across the street. If all else fails bribe them with treats lol. I think Caesar Milan might have better tips though lol

Russ Hurley

Sold. I’ll take him.

Sandy Love

I just dream of one day luca will listen to me

Kevin Adams

I just tell my Boston Terrier halt that works

Amber Mat-Met

Yup, sit and/or come on demand.

Niel Evans

Treats in a lil tupperware or a white napkin. Thinks i been to a resturant and have a treat in my pocket

Crystal George

Carry a toy

Terry Perdue

Be firm him or Her…

Jessica Clarke

I don’t have to leash my Boston, he stays in his yard except for when he sees squirrels but even then he listens when I whistle or call him. He even follows me and our daughter up and down or street when we ride her scooters. He’s never ran away

Jan Adams


Rich Parks

Get a clicker, and use it. You will be surprised how quick they pay attention

Sandy Hyde

Yeap COME command with clicker and treats.

Katie Krantz

What is a clicker???

Eric Hagen


Pamela Denny Ruid

Mine only listen to my boyfriend.

Jo Clark

I’ll be interested to see the suggestions. I took my Boston with me to Boston in December and in both airports, Houston and Boston, she was a wild woman. Now, at home, this is the most laid back dog you’d ever meet, apparently until she gets in an area where there are hundreds of new potential friends =) She wore me out!

Trent J. Gierhan

Sounds exactly like mine. Only it takes about half a dozen for him to go crazy

Terry Peterson

I use bribes.

Adrian Ro

Alex Rotaru

Cait Polis

Omg my 11 month old too!! Lol!

Joe Yates


Margaret Zagone

YES! need tips! Our pup is just shy of 1 year and he listens very well every other time except when we go outside. Had to start taking him out on a leash he can be so bad

William Barr Yerxa


Lisamarie Eggers

How do you get your boston two stop screaming when he gets excited or anxiety

Suzanne Bennett- Nott

My dog does the same.

Debbie McPherson Herron

Mine talks all the time

Blair Colby

Treats! Find a high value one and only give it then.

Jacqui Lepp

Excellent treats!! Start with your dog on leash and work on a consistent recall. Reward, reward, reward… every time your dog comes to you!!