How to Keep your House Clean when you Own a Dog?


Do you have one or many dogs at home? Do you need some tips to help you keep your house clean?

Living with a dog doesn’t mean your house has to look and smell bad. Here are some tips to help you keep your house clean when you own a dog!

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How to Keep your House Clean when you Own a Dog?

Rubber Gloves

This is the cheapest and most effective way of removing dead hairs from furnitures and carpets. Just lighty dampen the gloves and rob over to remove dead hairs.

Dog Blankets

Put a dog blanket on all of your dog(s) favorite places to relax. It’s easier and quicker to clean because you just have to put it in the washer and dryer.

Clean Dog Bowls and Toys

Even though dog bowls look clean, these are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. You don’t eat from the same plate every day without cleaning it… it should be the same for your dog! You can wash their bowl with your normal dishwashing liquid.

Groom your Dog

You can brush your dog to remove dead hairs. You can also bathe the dog but only when needed. Use a good Shampoo that is made specially for dogs. Don’t washing too frequently because it can strip the natural oils from the coat.

Keep a Towel or Paper Towels by the Door

Sometimes, dogs goes into dirty spots when they go outside. Leave a towel or some paper towels by the door so you can rub your dog before he or she starts to walk in the house.

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Marilyn Cartier

Jason Quigley lou

Fabienne Carmouze

Je voudrais bien en adopter un

Alen Tekavčič

Anamaria Marjanović

susun jpzakham
Bugn Jackie

I always smile at my living room floor… it looks like a run a doggy daycare 😀


I give my Boston a quick wipe after each walk with @Costco unscented baby wipes. These are great for dirty paws too.

Clair Zambarda

Olha dete machado

Charlotte Suzor
Charlotte Suzor

My dogs destroy my house worse than toddlers So they are kenneled when I leave for awhile Pepi can find things I didn’t know I even had

Heidi Sanger

Charlotte, that is exactly what my Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) does. I thought my mastiff/great dane mix would be the “counter surfer”, no. It’s the little one who does that. She can jump from the floor up onto the counters (She flies with the greatest of ease! lol) and help herself to anything she comes across. Little stinker! I just adore her!

Charlotte Suzor

Grata love them

Ashley Snow

Patrick Orcutt

Jackie Giles

Looks so much like my beautiful Marley

Debbie Eisenbach Smith

Bahahaha are you kidding? Maybe for a minute lol

Tess Schmidtberger

Lol what can you say Dave?

Debbie Herrman

I have a husband who messes up worse than my Boston!

Reza Karamy


Dixie Baer

Oh, how I wish I had a little boston terrier or yorkie

Brenda Brown

Ahh, awesome post!!!!

Jan Adams

Bea doesn’t mess up anything! I had always had Lhasa Apsos!

Nicole Ubinger

House clean. A ha ha ha 😂