How to Stop a Dog from Destroying a Couch and Seat Cushions?


    Here is a question from a Boston Terrier owner named Beth asking for some advices from other Boston Terrier owners to help her to stop her dog from chewing on things.

    She says : “We have had a Boston Terrier rescue for 7 months and he has just decided to start clawing seat cushions and destroying them. He just went after my antique couch. Thoughts on how to get him to stop. Could he be anxious? He has another Boston at home with him.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? Join the discussion!

    Here is a picture of the bad boy named Willy perched on the couch :

    How to Stop a Dog from Destroying a Couch and Seat Cushions?

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    Try placing mouse traps(with no bait, but in the fixed position) on the cushions in different locations. When yr Boston jumps up on the cushions, the traps will snap, and soon he’ll never jump up unless invited.

    Enzo CB Devine

    Needs more attention or chew toys. Also bitters helps deter the dogs

    John Lewinski

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    A engaged dog is a good dog. Hire a dogsitter, or doggie day care or trade dog sitting. My Boston is never alone n I’m poor

    Beverly Kwiatkowski

    Kennel him! only let him out while you are there to watch him! Love Boston’s!!

    Chrissy Carr

    Spray with something watered down. Some sort of oil. Peppermint oil, lavender oil. Keep trying until he doesn’t like one.

    Tania Colquhoun

    Crated when alone and lots of exercise with mental exercise as well.


    EXERSIZE!!!!!!!! Stop listening to all this other crap!

    Peggy Matkin Patrick

    Alison Pritchard Beitzell any suggestions ?

    Janice Eubanks

    Maybe a playmate to work off high energy.

    Heather Gunderson

    He,s Happy and comfortable and it’s only a couch! It’s his chair!

    Yupadee Mutchler

    This i do wit my show them where u need them stop just say no at many time u need to stop

    Bev Barraclough

    wouldnt you like a puppy to keep N company?

    Judy Jerue

    So lucky my Boston Terrier never does this. When she was a puppy she’d snatch anything not nailed down and we’d find it underneath our bed.

    Pat Fisher

    I have a 5 mo. old pup that does that. She loves stealing Kleenex and runs. Hides my things under my bed.

    Christina Degg

    Ours likes nothing more than taking the stuffing out of his beds more so if furry beds. Worse bit is underwear has a thing for bras and knickers and goes to door with them, no shame he has. Only six months old though so an excuse.

    Samuel Steele Bowles

    Have him stuffed!,,,,problem solved!! No more chewing,dog food,walking,vet bills,,,ect,,,,

    Gunner James Whitmor

    we have a hard time believing this story…oh, wait…

    Midge Beebe

    Where are you people getting “angry” and “agression”? I see dogs, including my two Bostons, chewing the corners of cushions just because dogs need to chew. Give them a stuffed animal and they will chew the edges because it’s firmer and they chew by their back molars. Mine have chewed the seams of the couch even if they are sitting next to me and I have to get their “chewy” and replace it. It’s not like they are growling and shaking the couch because they are mad at me. Sheesh.


    mine likes to lay up there also I just gave her a place to call her own on the couch next to me

    Jeanie Shelton

    Harold Patton is right. He probably is still a puppy, but does not like to be left alone. He Jay also have separation anxiety issues. A pet carrier (crate) will work wonders, but he needs more cuddle time, play time, and to be told how wonderful he is and how much you love him. He understands. Dogs are like people in many ways, but the less they deserve love, the more they need it. My Allie has a nickname now, “Baby Baby.” She loves it, and responds much better and is happier. If she is naughty, I put her in… Read more »

    Devi Safir

    He is mad, angry most likely.. Especially if a specific person sits there.
    Redirect his aggression with play time and discover the base of the aggression. Work on prevention.
    His own area is a good recommendation..!

    Jane Mackey Crockett

    Needs exercise.


    That’s what I said also Jane. These people are either stupid or lazy? They should only own cats or goldfish.

    Betty Marcus

    How old is he? If he;s under 2 you’ve got a case of puppy. you could try cayenne pepper in water, rubbed on where he’s been chewing!

    Lorie McKinstry

    He’s bored…just have to quit your job…

    DeLynn Decker

    Needs his own stuff to chew on. Needs more exercise. Could be put on a treadmill to work off aggression.

    Harold Patton

    Needs more attention.

    Pam Collins White

    Clearly doesn’t like the couch.

    Nurya Longman

    Qualquer semelhança com o Bóris não é mera coincidência, Danubya Longman


    Walk him until he’s too tired to chew.

    Will Maxwell

    Silly Willy