How to Stop a Dog from Nipping People?


Here is a Question from Charleen asking other Boston Terrier owners about her dog who started nipping people.

She says : “I would like to ask a question about our little Bostie. She is 3 years old and she has started nipping people when they enter our property, even though she has known them since she was born! Any ideas what we can do to deter her behavior?”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

How to Stop a Dog from Nipping People?

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Shawn Hodge

Sierra Neil

Jeff Anderson

Try teaching bite inhibition so she knows it hurts you when she bites.

Penny Dave Young

Since she is so cute, I’ll allow it.

Patrick Wathey

We found picking her up & blowing Raspberry’s at her face with a “no”, followed by “kisses” worked wonders 🙂

Marie Beau

My Boston started to nip, I trained her with treats to stop to my command….
It’s all about training & time….