How to Stop the Addiction of my Dog to Eating People Food?


Here is a Question from Kelsey asking other people about her dog who’s addicted to people food.

She says : “Hiya! I have a 2 year old Boston Terrier and was curious of maybe this group could point me in the right direction with him. He is addicted to eating people food and we have never giving it to him willingly. I’ve had him since he as 8 weeks old and the last year he’s just been horrible with getting into everything.”

“The second he comes in from going potty he searches for people food even tho his food bowl is full. He gets it himself by getting on tables or taking it right out of our hands. He’s been on the same food since he was 10 weeks old. Just the adult version now. And for the past year he’s been going nuts over human foods. He always has food available to him along with water and gets treats daily for good deeds. Any info helps. I’m going out of my mind lol”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

How to Stop the Addiction of my Dog to Eating People Food?

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Sarah Rado

He might have a sickness. Tiki started jumping onto the counter and dragging the loaf of bread down – that was pushed all the way to the wall- when she was diagnosed with IBD (intestinal bowel disease). Because her body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients of her food correctly, her body thought she was hungry all the time because of it and when it was really bad she desperately foraged for any food. She still constantly whines for food but now that she has been treated for the disease and she’s on special food it is much better.

Carol Harris

Don’t give it to him. Maybe put him in another room while you are eating. People food is BAD for your dog. Don’t leave his food down for very long. If he doesn’t eat it, pick it up til next feeding time. He’ll live longer if he eats only dog food.

Betty Summers Matthews

Don’t give it to him.

Lauren F. McCauley

Hahahaha no! They are beggers for life!

Angela Green
All food is food it just depends on which bowl it’s served in. A lot of people are going to human grade food because of dog food recalls. Maybe there is something lacking in the pet food your currently feeding. Maybe if you tried the raw diet once a week adding a little raw meat to the kibble you feeding ( if that’s what your feeding) or home cooking a meal for you pet it is not always bad to give table scraps to your beloved pet, carrots, broccoli, chicken, turkey, all uncluttered and unspiced portions obviously are all great… Read more »