I am a Boston Terrier – What Others Think About Me (Image)


    Here is an image about the Boston Terrier dogs and what others think about them.

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    I am a Boston Terrier - What others think about me

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    Lee Catherine

    They are so cute and lovable.

    Allan Hopkins

    Who confuses a Boston for a Pug? Now a Frenchie sure, but a Pug? Um, no!

    Gerardo Peña Morissette

    sleep and fart

    Giuliana Germanotta

    People think Ozzy it’s a French Bulldog ¬¬

    Derek Pellowe

    They certainly overestimate their size. Mine at 6kg squared up to a Pyrennean Mountain Dog recently.

    Nina Fisher

    ya people say is that a frenchie so ya not a pug lol

    José Luis Crespo

    Jajajjajajja pug One is damm true

    Don Marley Bahorok

    ”Wat I think I am” – TRUTH !!! our BT are very dominate dog, but other dog see ”What oter dog thinks I am” :)))) and other people think tat he is french bulldog not a pug.

    Carli O'Connor

    So true! Always said that Jess our Boston looks at her brother Pitbull and think ‘thats who i am’ 🙂

    Christine Kou

    OMG! This is hilarious! I have both (Boston and Pug) and this is bang on!

    Sherry Phelps

    Mi e is EXACTLY what other dogs see. She does the “Boston” 500, 24 hours a day. Very hyper

    Federico Mendez

    so true,… specially what other dogs think he is… that’s exactly what they see. Most people think he’s a frenchie and not a pug though

    Magdalena Gaździcka