8 Interesting Facts about the Boston Terrier Breed

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People from all around the world loves the Boston Terrier breed of dog. The Boston Terrier is a unique dog breed with it’s own history. ­čÖé

This beautiful dog breed has some interesting facts. Here are 8 interesting facts about the Boston Terrier breed of dog!

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1. The Boston Terrier was the First Dog Breed to be Developed in the Unites States

The origins of some dog breeds are lost in history but not the Boston Terrier. It is a cross of an English bulldog with an English terrier. The original ancestors of the breed were bred in Boston in around 1870. The Boston Terrier was later first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893.

The Boston Terrier was the First Dog Breed to be Devolopped in the Unites States

2. Boston Terriers were Bred as Rodent Hunters and even to be Fighting Dogs

They were originally bred as rodent hunters and even for pit fighting. They were much larger and heavier than they are today. They were weighing around 44 pounds. Nowadays most Boston Terriers typically weigh around half that size. They are energetic and friendly companion animals.

Boston Terriers were Originally Bred to be Fighting Dogs

3. Many Boston Terriers needs a Caesarean Section when Giving Birth

That’s because their head size are proportionally larger than their body size. Many time, Boston Terrier puppies are delivered via Caesarean Section (C-Section) to make sure they are safe.

Many Boston Terriers needs a Caesarean Section when Giving Birth

4. The Boston Terrier has been the Official State Dog of the Massachusetts since 1979

The first Boston Terriers were bred in Boston in around 1870. The Massachussetts named the Boston Terrier it’s official state dog in 1979.

The Boston Terrier has been the Official State Dog of the Massachusetts since 1979

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Too bad you didn’t check your spelling.


My mom gifted a baby Boston to my dad when his lung cancer was determined to be terminal. From the litter of a family’s pair of Bostons, my dad chose a male that had a triangle of white on the back of his neck; it matched the triangular patch of hair regrowing on the back of his neck after radiation. Mickey was his constant companion, bringing joy to every day. Mickey joined our family upon my dad’s death. He was such a loving and loyal friend for several years. Nine months after Mickey’s death, I was able to choose my… Read more »

Blondie Dean

I want one with a big mouth and bites

Stan Boston

I’m not large I’m an original.

Rudy - The Boston Terrier

This would be great if the facts stated therein were actually true and correct facts. Boston terriers were NOT originally created, nor bred to be fighting dogs. Instead, boston terriers were created to be a more healthy companion dog. The first ever dog breed which was bred and created for no other purpose than human companionship was the English White Terrier. However, the English White Terrier had many major health problems. Therefore, the English White Terrier was mixed with the English Bulldog to create a more healthy companion dog which is now the Boston Terrier. But because dog breeding science… Read more »

Boston lover
Boston lover

Would like to know the source of your “facts”. I googled the breed & every thing I read confirmed the 8 facts with Wikipedia being the first.


well check your facts.


That wasn’t interesting at all


ÔŁĄ ­čÉ ԣĄ ­čÉÂ

Marcela Hernández Montoya
Chadd Small
Chadd Small

Mitchell Barry

Allison Fowler Woodfill

Look at that sweet face.????

Darrell Paul Gass

Interesting especially the age of the breed….1870

Marcela Hernández Montoya
Angela Marie


Pascal Hemery

C est quoi sa
Ah c’est un chien .hihihi

Pascal Hemery

C est quoi se machin noir et blanc.ahahahah

Jolene Clark
Sarah Jane Ohl

Never the less they are perfect dogs. They’ve forgotten all about fighting, they are lovers.

Sandi Jewell


Nicole Blakely
Jacqueline Ellul Soler

Haha the mischievous look!

Jacqueline Ellul Soler

Some time at the beach. Father and son

Marcela Hernández Montoya
Anne Wuyts

Zazu; she like the sea

Anne Wuyts


Jo Lewis


Heidi Pa'Fe

Fer Bejarano