Is it Normal for a Boston terrier to have very little Hair on his Belly?


Here is a question from Bianca asking other Boston Terrier owners if it’s normal for a Boston Terrier to have very little hair in certain areas.

She says : “I’d like to know if it’s normal for a Boston Terrier to have very little hair on his belly and on the inside of his legs? My dog is one year old now and he is losing his hair on his belly. On other areas of his body his fur is very shiny and thick. You can see that his fur is very thin at his armpits an near his back leg.”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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Is it Normal for a Boston terrier to have very little Hair on his Belly?

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Livi Thule

All of mine have had very thin hair on their bellies. They don’t get fleas, if you have them groomed


Ile Celis

Yes! Like a baby

Mark Hutchinson general they tend to have a thinner coat on their chest/stomach area.

Riina Laaksonen

Vilho here in Finland came almost totally naked on the bottom side of body about 6 years ago when he was at the age of 2.
Vet wanted to analyse this and there is some thing that causes this but it doesn’t explain why it’s only underside but enywhere else there is allso winter hair grown.

Walter Hart

Have you never seen a dog before?

Bianca Abiri-Does

In The Netherlands there are not many Bostons and my vet has never seen one in real life, Zeno is the first. So i think she’s comparing him to other breeds and what they have when their hair is less in some places. That’s why i asked this question on this facebook page, because there are a lot of other boston owners here who know what is normal for a boston. I can take these awnsers with me to the vet, maybe that explanes things.

Deborah Lundeen


Sandra Mayhugh

I’ve had 6 Boston’s over the years and none have had a lot of hair on their bellies. I thought that was just how Boston’s were made.

Wanda Welsh

YES sweater in winter Ha Ha i love Bostons

Debbie Maddux St Romain

Mine has very little hair anywhere. She is a beautiful Boston and I’ve had her everywhere, every vet said allergies and I changed her food every time they said. She’s had expensive allergy shots but nothing has helped. What hair she has is very very short. She feels like a seal. She is happy and healthy otherwise and the allergist said she was hurting or itching so I decided to leave her alone. I love her even is she has no hair .

Bianca Abiri-Does

Did you do an allergy test with a blood sample?

Bianca Abiri-Does

And is she itching sometimes? Mine is sometimes a bit itchy, but his skin is not red or anything. So the allergy the vet is talking about is not something i believe in….

Debbie Maddux St Romain

She doesn’t itch. She doesn’t seem in distress in any way except for not much hair. In the past she has scratched her neck and because there not much hair she has left red scratches. Has not happened in a year or so. Yes they took blood test but allergy test was not really done. They have to do a scratch test on each individual things.

Sally Bozarth

My boy has short coarse hair. We call him Sammy Seal. He has very little belly hair. A lot of Bostons are this way and unless she is itching with red skin etc, and losing a lot of hair, becoming bald around her tail or back, then I would say she is just a normal Boston. She has more belly hair than my boy.

Sandy Hicks

They have a single coat ! They can not survive in cold climates . you can not tie them outside

Karen Morris

Yes, my Boston has very little hair and it is usually pinkish.

Kristen Whitecavage Herbert


Bianca Abiri-Does

That’s a picture of my Zeno 😍. I’m glad to read that a lot of other Boston owners recognize the balding places. My vet thought it might be an allergy issue. His hair is falling out like crazy.

Krysia Bobik

I’ve got similar situation now. I am little bit scared. Do you think it might be an alergy?

Bianca Abiri-Does

I’m not sure. I want to try to change his food first.

Marti Marikovics


Donna Herold-Huth

Mine dose, I mean she doesn’t have much hair on her belly. They can get cold fast in the winter weather.

Lynn Hunter’s normal.

Nadia Pereira

my has very little hair in his tummy,chest and legs

Cesar Melendez

Y sufren mucho en temporada de frío.

Cesar Melendez

Es normal.

Gabriel Orozco

Lol. Yep


Our male is 12 & NEVER had belly hair – or at least so thin and fair one can hardly notice. Best darn dog I have ever had. Just precious!

Michael Kallinick


Robert Cook

Yup. Just took this of miss Lucy while she is sprawled on my lap asleep. (Please don’t tell her).

Cynthia Ferguson DeVaux

Yep. Mine is smooth as a babies bottom.

Jeanie Shelton

Some of mine have had nekkid bellies, but Lizzy has lots of hair all the way down to her…uh…tee tee.

Shonna Noonan

That description is my Hartley too & exactly how I spell Nekkid! 😂 love it!

Connie Severson

My two don’t. Look just like that

Bianca Abiri-Does

Was it always like that? Mine had hair, but it is falling out right now. He is one year old. I’m a little worried.

Doris Gillmore

My girls look like yours. Hope it is normal.

Jeff Connelly

Older they get, more hair grows. With our anyway.

Sharon Lovelace


Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

None of my Boston’s have a lot of hair on their bellies or the tip of their tails.

Mary Lyons Remillard

Absolutely. That is why they like to cuddle so they can stay warm .

Anita Sanders

As our girl gets older she is getting a furry belly…lol

Tanya Dolan

Yes ours didn’t have a lot

Bianca Abiri-Does

Was it always like that? Mine had hair, but it is falling out right now. He is one year old. I’m a little worried

Christine Zyontz

My Coco’s belly is similar. Her brother’s hair is thicker all over (and more coarse). We make sure their winter coats have a belly flap.

Becky Casto Ledford

Mine has thin hair in places , mostly his sides

Bianca Abiri-Does

Was it always like that? Mine had hair, but it is falling out right now. He is one year old. I’m a little worried. Does yours also have little hair on his ears and in front of his ears on his head?

Becky Casto Ledford

Mine has always had scant hair on sides and his butt . If you feel yours has more than normal hair loss , you should take him to a vet. Better safe than sorry I say.

Becky Casto Ledford

Mine also had demodedic (sp) mange when I got him, they said it was passed to him from.his mother. He took meds for a while and no problem since.

Bianca Abiri-Does

Thank you for your answer.

Mona Dollarhide

Yes. They get cold very easy and with the short noses, they can get sick very easy if left in the cold.

Sharon Kean Donovan

Smooth as a baby’s bum

Sally Bozarth

Yep. That is why mine has his own drawer full of sweaters and Hoodies. Oh and he loves to sleep under an electric blanket. <3

DeeDee Knierim-Couch

Mine loves a heating pad in the winter his nick name is “hotpad”

Sally Bozarth

Yogi smashes up against me at night, he is like a hot brick so that is what I call him. He gets too hot under the electric blanket and I wake up with a Boston Butt in my face. Never fails.

MaryAnn Graber

My dogs belly looked like yours,

Bianca Abiri-Does

Was it always like that? Mine had hair, but it is falling out right now. He is one year old. I’m a little worried

Sally Bozarth

He had fuzz when he was a baby, but he does a lot of yoga. He likes to crawl and drag. He is 12.5 years old, so I guess it just depends on what your dog is doing mixed with a little bit of genetics. I do not think he is abnormal, but you can watch it and if he starts losing hair in other places, like his back then you should get him checked out. But from the picture, this dog is totally normal and even has more hair than my boy.

Sally Bozarth

He had some eye problems so he had to wear a Cone of Cuteness, but he still did his Yoga….

Tracey Yaun Boss

Yes it is. They have no undercoat. Always need sweater and coat in the winter.