Is this a Boston Terrier Puppy?


Here is a question from Velizar who wanted to know if his dog is a Boston Terrier puppy.

He says : ” Hello. Is this a Boston terrier puppy?

Anyone knows if it’s a Boston Terrier Puppy? 🙂

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Is this a Boston Terrier Puppy? - Photo 1

Is this a Boston Terrier Puppy? - Photo 2

Is this a Boston Terrier Puppy? - Photo 3

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Zed Sonmez

Pied Boston

Charlie Carmona

Could be a Boston Terrier, this one shows what are called regressive traits that are cute and adorable but not a choice for breeders at all. Remember the great grand parents of a Boston are Bull Dogs and these markings are very common in them. This might be a clear example of traits breeders have been trying to eliminate for decades. That said, he/she is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Betty Page

Very beautifull doggy

James Deanna Morris

It looks like a Splash BT and a Frenchie. So a mix of the two maybe.


My Boston pups looked much like that. Spots and all. And they are good healthy dogs, live long, no problems, and fairly calm! Their noses are also a bit longer like one of the other posts.