Is this Something that can Happen When a Puppy Starts to Teeth?


Here is a question from Yvonne asking other Boston Terrier owners to help her Boston Terrier who is getting sick every now and then.

She says : “Hello. Im from South-Africa and I have a beautiful Boston puppy, only 10 weeks old.

I have been experiencing some concerns. My puppy has been eating normally, playing around, running around like crazy, his mood and personality has been the same, but every now and then he will through up and have running stomach.

I did a bit of google searching, and majority say it can happen when dog starts to teeth. I would like to know if other boston terrier puppy owners have also experienced this? “

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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Is this Something that can Happen When a Puppy Starts to Teeth?

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24 Comments on "Is this Something that can Happen When a Puppy Starts to Teeth?"

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Laura Westerhouse Skorczewski

Are you sure he is teething? Perhaps you should start looking at the kind of food your feeding him. It might not agree with him. We had this problem with one of our Boston’s. It stopped after we changed his food.

Laura Westerhouse Skorczewski

No you didn’t, not at all.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Have a great day Laura. I hope I didn’t come across as brash.

Laura Westerhouse Skorczewski

Catherine, Yes. You’re right. I misread.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

I would think if this were the case that it would happen all of the time, and not on occasion. Just a thought.

Patrick van der Zande

Seems to me 10 weeks is a little bit early to start changing teeth?!

Diane Harris

Mine didnt throw up with teething .very naughty at chewing other stuff .like cabbles plastic boxes . When older .grown out of that .thank goodness did get car sick .but so far been better .dont feed her before travelling long way .

Diane Harris

About 2 .

Deborah Ruelle

At what age did yours outgrow chewing things up? I had two 13 yr old Boston’s that never chewed anything they shouldn’t. I now have one that is 9 months old and chews everything he can get ahold of. Eek 😬

Sarah Louise Young

For young baby bostons they say don’t let them do to much when there growing all the time, I’ve only had three but after meals they don’t normally want to go out for 30 mins.

Danielle Melville

Mine did for a while but i thought it was down to her running and jumping about so much. I used to put her in her crate after meals so her food would get time to settle.

Danielle Melville

I do shes a wee dote when shes all calm 😍

Claire Kirk

Danielle you love her😍