It’s Monday. Do you Feel the Same Way as this Boston Terrier Puppy at the Office


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier Puppy at the Office from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Sleeping on the office’s desk! 🙂

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Its monday - do you feel the same way as this boston terrier puppy at the office?

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Louise Wakefield

So gorgeous I want one!!!!!

Megan Mays

i wish they stayed that size. i would love to carry my baby around in a purse like those lil spoiled chihuahuas

Ann Hershberger

So cute!!

Doris Kallechy

He would try to jump on my lap and then made his way to his spot. As Linkin got older he would jump on my chair and then on my desk and would sleep in the same spot.

Gwen Wilson

whew! I am not very good at typing!

Gwen Wilson

I could see Gus Gus doing that!

Gwen Wilson


Gwen Wilson

I could see

Stephanie Hynes

lucky pup gets to go to work with its human 🙂

Vicki Willson

Show did hé get on the desk ? ?

Livi Thule

Yep! Trying to rev my engine! 🙂

Olivia Marie

Awww! Put that sweet baby on a fluffy pillow and cover it with a blankie!

Anjie Miller Calvin

too cute!!

Sabrina Varaona Schoch

Looks like the receptionist fell asleep on the job!

Nicolas Santos Sberse

Eu tentando trabalhar na nossa casa e o nosso deitando em cima de todas as folhas!

Sue Guisti


Donna Meredith

oh that is so sweet,hisa cutie.

Carl Pedone

Super cute

Fernanda G. Stoppa


Isabelle Giguère

He works too hard ……. hahahaa

Barb Fischer

Nice to have your dog at the office-even if its at home-)

Janet Johnson


Barbara Lowe

Yes i do! But my 2 bostons are full of play!! With there buddys, 1boxer an 1minpin. No time for rest! Lol!!

Fabienne Ghb

funny 🙂

Frank van Boxtel

I’m working on paintings at home today so my dogs will be at the “office”.

Git Elfwing-Olofsson

Bra med kontorshjälp!

Reyhan Turna

hayat ona GÜZEL

Donna Meredith

that is so cute id like to take him home with, love the bostons.

Jena Fumarolo Nylec


Penny Fleharty Conable

I wanna scoop him up and kiss al lover his little pink tummy!!

Doris Kallechy

That’s my little man Linkin!!

Janice Elyard

xxx love for all

Janice Elyard

how very cute sweetie

Bee Hawkwood

Fantastic pic

Missy Shultz


Melissa H Robson

Too cute! My Boston baby used to sleep on my desk too.

Joanne Rose-Foster

Sooooooo cute <3

Jojo Zoey

Sleep well ~~~