Little Puppy choosing a Big Bone to Chew on! – Sunny from Las Vegas, USA (Photo)


Here is a photo of a full Boston Terrier breed puppy named Sunny at 2 months old from Las Vegas, NV, USA.

His owner says : “I just got him last Friday and my life has changed after we picked him up from this good chicano family.

I took this picture at petco the day after i got him to get him some stuff for him to chew on since his teeth are growing. As you can see he liked this bone but i wasn’t sure how this was gonna work out lol.”

Big Bone for a Little Puppy to Chew on! - Sunny from Las Vegas, USA (Photo)

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Tina Matosky

So cute

Christophe Corneloup

Julia Corneloup

Nathan Steiger

My dogs love them and all 4 of my Boston’s are over 15yo! But then again I’m a responsible pet owner who doesn’t let my pets to harm themselves by being allowed to eat these things to the point of them choking on it! You are to blame not China or raw hide! Such deflection here!

Donna Keller

Cute bone to big

Skyler Pinto

Tom Quinlan

Lucy Lombardi-Boduris

Stay away from that crap, seriously

Chrissy Smith


Josh Konicek

Gabriella Konicek Christy Konicek

Denny Sigmon

Rawhide = bad

Mary Michna

Hello ! Would you read my posts!

Melanie Ivie

You have great information to share, perhaps you could be a little kinder in your delivery?

Mary Michna

I emailed the company. They need to get into big pet stores. They are in small stores. Please check out their website. Those Rawhide’s are bad! Could cause serious harm and who wants products from China?

Mary Michna

Thanks for being nice. I just get frustrated that what I post for the good of our pets and nobody responds. People take me the wrong way!

Melanie Ivie

Mary Michna I get it 🙂 it’s obvious to see you have good intent!! It’s clear to see you are a great dog-mom! It’s just that people would probably take your advice more if it came off a little softer so ppl don’t automatically get defensive. Thank you again for saying something though-i always appreciate it, it’s hard staying on top of everything we need to know for our babies sake ❤️🐾❤️

Mary Michna

I can send you some funnies if you don’t mind and include me on Messenger. I don’t know how to do that! Also, what time zone are you in so I don’t disturb your sleep.

Melanie Ivie

Mary Michna sure! pacific 🙂

Mary Michna

Thanks for your advice, I try but I get completely ignored on FB. That’s why I like to reply to my contacts as they know me, most of them.

Mary Michna

Thanks Melanie Ivie. I don’t know how to add contacts. My phone is new and unfamiliar on adding contacts.

Mary Michna

Can you add me to Messenger? I don’t know how to do that? So you know I’m not the person you think I am😍

Mary Michna

Bad, bad, bad. No insurance, your dog gets sick, surgery, like paying the bill. I’ve been posting over and over and they just disappear and these other useless posts keep appearing. I’m not making money by promoting this product but the same shit appearing over and over of people. I’m told it’s Facebook that does this?

Mary Michna

I’m been posting over and over and my video never views. Crazy pics and crap are always there. I’m told Facebook picks what they want viewed. Is this TRUE?

Mary Michna

Excuse me! No Rawhide’s. These breeds can’t have. Don’t you know this? Right here. Most dog stores don’t carry except China crap. Google and order.

Hammy Boston Terrier

Wow! ♡ (Hammy 🙂

Alice Faye Morgan

Those bones will kill ur beautiful baby

Sally Bozarth

You are right. They are horrid!

Haley Charnecki

Andy Short

Karen Morris

So adorable.

Jasmine Irene Simental

Pablo Simental

Brandy McCormick

Rawhides are bad for dogs!!

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Don’t give that baby those bones, they have poison in them….very bad!

Mark Lucy Piccolo

Cute so precious.. but that type of raw hide bone is not good for our babies

Angie VanValkenburg


Alane Perry

Danielle Perry

Danielle Perry


Mandi Palmer

Eric Palmer

Tammy Hooten

Sounds about right my Boston pup stole my daughter’s labs giant bone at xmas.

Andrew Huygen

Isabella Albino

Patty Miller Ethridge


Lauren Ethridge


Diane Volk

Just darling

Richard Dittmer

Thats me eating more then I should

Nino Gennaro

Nikki Calabrese remember when Charlie was this size?

Nikki Calabrese


Deborah Oblak


Derrick Bailey

Cierra Bailey

Donna Harden

My Boston would try to bury it in the sofa!

Paola Andrea Castañeda

Edison Avendaño

Deborah Hull Shrader

Mine likes these pretzels big bones

Deborah Hull Shrader

This is my other one. Bella
The one above with the pretzel in her mouth is named : M&M

Laura Hernandez

Too cute

Clare Lees Roach

Kelly Fisher lol xx

Kelly Fisher

Aw bless so tiny xxx

Eddie Gautier Jr.

Joshua Sahadeo looks like Urbano Serret when we offer him a 120 lol

MaiQui Layaoen

reminds my of my little dude… I miss my little boy :'(

Deborah Lundeen

What makes that little ole ant think he can move a rubber-tree plant….

Georganne Boolukos

Nicole Costanzo

Sheray Troutman


Kaitlyn Prengel

Derrick Dringman

Amalia Solís Bolaños

Alberto Viquez

Ted Couture

our family srtill misses our bailey

Sally Pettit

Beyond cute.

Martha J. Schultz


Marti Marikovics

yuck…get rid of that…worst thing for a dog.

Hailes Newth

Nawh how adorable is that

Peggy Matkin Patrick

Alison Pritchard Beitzell❤️🐾

Alison Pritchard Beitzell