Miles Hoping to have a Piece of Popcorn (Photo)


    Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Milles from Abercrombie, North Dakota, USA.

    This is Miles at 4 years old watching his owner eat popcorn and hoping to have a piece! 🙂

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    Miles hoping to have a piece of popcorn

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    27 Comments on "Miles Hoping to have a Piece of Popcorn (Photo)"

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    Monika Knudsen

    Looks so much like my Jiggs. LMAO

    Angelique Omw Ferreira

    Happy Birthday BAbies

    Waneta Blazek

    Someone is watching you!!!!

    Kody Bailley Parker

    LOL Mine was just doing this too!

    Daniela Galeano

    Se me parece a @snatch jajajaja