My 6 months old Boston Terrier is Too Energetic and he’s Constantly Biting! How to Change this Behavior?


Here is a question from Mandi asking other Boston Terrier owners about the bad behavior of her 6 months old Boston Terrier.

She says : “Hi… I was hoping you could help me, I have a 6 month old Boston Terrier who is such trouble!! He gets super energetic and is constantly biting at me and my husband’s feet. When we firmly shout NO, little Arnie will start barking aggressively at us and continue biting our feet and jumping. Help! How do we change his behavior to be a good dog?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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My 6 months old Boston Terrier is Too Energetic and he's Constantly Biting! How to Change this Behavior?

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Makiri Sei

My Boston was out of biting phase by 6 month, but she constantly chewed crates and toys when she was teething. I let her chew on things as long as they were hers and safe. If she chewed on furniture or anything she was not supposed to chew, I sprayed water or held her by the neck, gently but firmly pushed her to the floor and said “no”. She learned very quickly. If she bit me, I yelped like a dog. That always stopped her; she would look at me like “I am so sorry, what have I done to… Read more »

Anita Wood

Walks, runs, bike runs, ball runs, active very active breed.

Nancy L Strong

Use a squirt bottle with water and vinegar. This is what my vet told me. Just watch the eyes

Donna Taylor

In puppy classes I was told to exaggerate your pain with a loud ouch! They don’t mean to hurt you and they don’t want to.I learned that years ago and it has always worked! Good luck

John Henkle

Obedeance training help my Cash keeping his excitement under control

Jill Gonzalez

She needs a lot of exercise, BT are a very energetic dog, have a positive attitude and start training now

Katelyn Nault

Clifford Lordson Doodles twin!

Sheri Schilling O'Brien

My Ruby will be 9 in June and she still plays like a puppy! Love her bunches!

Taylor Piven

Taras Piven sound familiar? haha

Jodi Pangman

Exercise his mind. Mental activity wears them out more then physical. You can buy food puzzles and put his dinner in it. He will have to figure out how to get his food. Teach him tricks, take him to an obedience or rally class. Please don’t hit him. Hitting only teaches him you are unpredictable and not trustworthy.

Kamil Varol

Judi Lyn sounds just like Ries

Lewis Tuckey

Sounds like someone may need a dog the Beadiant’s class the dog will be fine

Judith Ann Brown

Ours would do the same but early on we would say “no bite!” And he doesn’t do it anymore

Melissa Harms

Deb Kvamso

Susan Hemmings

Sandra Dodge

Cr Faith

Wear your puppy out with exercise. We throw ball. With biting I was able to redirect our Matilda first “let’s play ball” and then by telling her how cute she is and give her kisses if she would try again and it shifts her energy every time now. I realized she was doing the biting to get my attention so I wore her out as much as possible to get her energy out and then smother her with affection. Of course she has lots of toys if she wants to play inside and she will sometimes try to get me… Read more »

Cr Faith

Just to add we have never had to use and kind of physical punishment to stop this.

Jacqui Lepp

Good advice!!😊. Most people don’t exercise their dogs enough.

Sarah Bryan Burger

Get a pup …totally mellowed my male Boston …he’s now a cuddler and a leader…and has a playmate…he was bored…just like naughty children…

Singalita Dalhoeven

Ours does that too! NO just gets her more excited.

Jo Schmo

We had that problem. We had to ignore and hide our hands. It took a while for him to learn “no”. Any speech would make him hyper. Having chew toys helped, but never play tug. Ever.

Dindin De Ocampo

Meriz Em

Mandi Palmer

Eric Palmer!!

Mandi Palmer

Katie Palmer

Linda Thomas Swope

Teach him how to do tricks like fetch sit speak….. don’t break his personality it’s great

Laura Klaus Carman

We are the fourth and last home for our Lola. She is only three. I wondered why the first owner would pay so much for a puppy and not keep her.

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

I hope you keep her

Laura Klaus Carman

We will. She’s a good girl and we love her.

Charisse Middlebrooks

Start with a curt “NO” while looking at him in the eyes. Follow this with the immediately stopping of the activity. Then ignore him for a few minutes. Everyone who interacts with the dog needs to do the same. Also, your dog may need a lot more exercise as well as more toys placed in a few room in your house. I walk my dog 3x’s a day plus 2 pee runs at 11pm and 4am. It’s still not enough. He loves it when I can afford doggy daycare every now and then. If you can join a Boston Terrier… Read more »

Christine Skeans Casey

I have always pinched the top of ears has worked

Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor

Somebody should pinch your ears. That’s abuse.

Christine Skeans Casey

Abuse really!!!!
My fur babies aren’t abused.

Reywolf Villalobos

Get a flat ruler and slap them hard in the soft areas..with a stern Hey. That’s how I taught my dog.. hit her about 6-7 times at age 1-2..after that she is very calmed and understanding.

Kirsty Jordan

That’s NOT ok…. and I’m sure many others will agree.

Reywolf Villalobos

I know it’s not ok but it was necessary for my loving dog to know right from wrong. And at 4 yrs old my dog is very well behaved pet, she understands words, knows not to nip, properly behaved that I get compliments. We all have our different methods

Adam Reyes

Yeah… in the world we live in today, social media of any kind is not a good place to say you hit animals. I dont think its right to do that period, but if you were raised that way, and raised kids that way, its just an old school way of thinking, and I won’t lock you away for it… but some advice on giving this advice, dont…

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

SO NOT OK. Old school or not, it is never ok to hit an animal for training. Period.
And as Adam Reyes said, I wouldn’t be giving out that on line for advise.

Nicole Taggart

Um no…

April Munson Russell

Wow ! Definitely not ok . That’s a great way to have the poor little pup fear you ! Poor baby ! I have 6 Boston’s I raised since they were born , and never once would I EVER hit them .

Marcia May

I have never even had to raise my voice at mine. In fact if I raise my voice for any reason it bothers him, I could never imagine hitting him.Bostons are smart dogs and aim to please, some are more hyper then others though.

Brittany Costa

You’re disgusting and that called animal abuse. Why do you have any pets in the 1st place. They’re are 100% scared of you just to let ya know..

Daniel Johnson

Although I don’t necessarily agree with your method, I do agree if biting is a problem that after they bite, holding their mouth closed and firmly telling them no bite does the trick! I’ll also say those that say “I Would never spank or yell at my dog” are the ones when you walk in their house their dog is biting your ankles and barking their head off at you. It happens when there is no discipline. Like a spoiled kid. I see that as a lack of consideration flr those around you. My work has me in a ton… Read more »

Donna Taylor

You should never have a dog,how do you treat your child ,I hope you don’t have any.

Ed Knepp

Mine did the same, but now at 15 months she has mellowed out and is perfect in every way!

Jacqui Lepp

Make play a priority for you and your dog. BUT the second his teeth touch skin, play STOPS. Stop for about 30 seconds then resume play. Be consistent!! Let him know when he is playing nice. Reward him with more play and verbally! He’s a puppy and excitable but keep doing this and he will learn to control his biting. It’s really important to do this now in order to develop bite inhibition. Make sure you move his food bowls around, are able to take his food and return it, toys same thing, without biting action from him as well.… Read more »

Sue Vaughn

Get toys and stuff to chew on. Teething hurt’s.

Adriana Gutierrez

Me too!!!

Tiffany Tenhoff

I would love to get some idea about the biting.

Kellie Cates

I’d like to know too!!!