My Boston Terrier doesn’t seem to put on any weight… Any Advice?


Here is a question from Jessica asking other Boston Terrier owners to help her Boston Terrier who is too skinny.

She says : “Hi There… Our beautiful Boston is ever so tiny, he’s always been tiny and is very healthy in himself with lots of energy and a lovely healthy coat however he just doesn’t seem to put on any weight? His back is very skinny. Can anyone recommend a good diet? He eats little and often as big portions tend to upset his tummy but he will eat everything and anything that is put in front of him. Looking for advice please?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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My Boston Terrier doesn’t seem to put on any weight... Any Advice?

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Kelly Baudier

“satin balls” as treats….look up the recipe

Eugene Peysakh

Mine likes sweet potato, vegetables and chicken. Eggs.

Amber Mat-Met

Home made with raw beef.

Donna Harden

I kept mine on puppy food for 6 months longer than recommended for an other reason. She gained weight because the puppy food is rich and builds little bodies. Maybe mixing in some puppy food with the adult food would help. (My reason for doing so proved to be an allergy to something in the adult food.)

Michele Rose

Have a CBC done. My Boston started losing weight, CBC which I requested showed high liver enzymes. Found out she has inoperable liver tumors.

Rhonda Collette

Well I don’t have a Boston T, but I happened on this question.
My pooch would not gain weight no matter what I fed him! Then one morning I noticed worms in his poop. He had a tape worm! I had him to the Vet within the hour!
Something to perhaps look for! Hope that your baby puts some weight on!

Gray Jojo

If he’s healthy don’t worry. Dogs are like any other animal including people, some are skinny others not so much.

Rhea Fox

Mine goes crazy for sardines in oil as a treat. Plenty of good fats for them. Also those peanut butter sticks snacks that are a rawhide alternative.

Theresa Brown Penning

Supplement with satin balls.

Nadia Pereira

try Blue Buffalo dry food and Freshpet fresh dog food

Gloria Clayton

Do a vet check first before changing his diet. Your vet can give you the proper diet.

George Fenwick

My boston has food on all day and dog biscuits too and hasn’t put on weight even though she’s been spayed. She’s coming up to 4years old and weighs 6,7 Kg which is just about right and has been for the last 2 years

Ben Diggins

Britt Diggins

Dayle-Thompson Morse

as long as hes healthy dont worry..hes probably so active he cant get heavy….some are that way…keep him wormed and fed right..i heard somewhere that people food isnt good for dogs but ive seen on a pet site some arent bad..check with a vet…

DeeDee Knierim-Couch

Puppy food but good Natures Balance with chicken breast. Does it.

Eleonora Razzino

Buongiorno… io faccio da 4 anni la dieta BARF … E mi trovo benissimo!!!

Jamie Parry

Please take it to a vet. They will give the best advice.

Laura Westerhouse Skorczewski

Have a vet check for any problems. I would follow the vets recommendation for weight gain. Good luck.

Chris Bozek Sebestik

Yeah… bring him to my house and my Spotty will teach him how to pig out!

Rachel Bourque Dupuis

Cute 😍

Eugene Peysakh

Exactly, mine wants to eat all the time. Never miss an opportunity.

Rachel Haddow

My Arie was on salmon and potato for his gas problem for year then a couple of mths ago he lost a couple of kgs. The vet suggested feeding morning and night same amount of food for his weight just split into two feeds. We also mixed puppy food into the salmon and potato mix. This did the trick.

Lynne Ward

Had Boston’s for 20 years never a skinny one of she’s had a compete vet check she should be ok maybe add wet food e.g. chicken pieces and veg to her kibble see if she picks up

Kathy Lynn Kinzel

Try FreshPet.

Preston Gordon

Just a fattier diet but make sure he is still getting exercise or it will make him fat not muscular which is what they are supposed to be

Brianna Brown

Our boston had issues digesting most kibbles except for purina lamb and rice formula.

Deborah Ruelle

I supplement my one year old Boston’s dry food diet with homemade food with either shredded chicken/rice/green beans/carrots/pumpkin or hamburger meat/rice/peas/carrots/pumpkin. I give him 1/2 &1/2 dry and homemade. I cook enough food every two weeks and freeze it in 1 cup containers. My guy is a sturdy, very muscular build and is on the upper end of Boston sizes.

Brenda Guy

Put them on a raw diet. Our Boston loves it

Melissa Van Ert

Have thyroid chrcked

Connie Wilson Sauceda

We have trouble in the winter for some reason. We add coconut oil and it really helps. We just melt a small amount and it helps with weight and shiny coat.

Terri Franchi

Canned pumpkin for sure. It helps with digestion and adds a little weight.

Lisamarie Eggers

I feed ours lamb taste of the wild. Kibble With no grains and add grain free lamb caned food 1 a day.

Jessica Cuellar-Hough

I give my pup hard boiled eggs as a snack some times

Brenda Castellon

I give mine over easy eggs over rice…likes it a lot.

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Are you watching him eat all his food? Since you have another dog, my fosters had shared bowls and the chubby one was eating the skinny ones food….separate bowls now!