My Boston Terrier doesn’t seem to put on any weight… Any Advice?


Here is a question from Jessica asking other Boston Terrier owners to help her Boston Terrier who is too skinny.

She says : “Hi There… Our beautiful Boston is ever so tiny, he’s always been tiny and is very healthy in himself with lots of energy and a lovely healthy coat however he just doesn’t seem to put on any weight? His back is very skinny. Can anyone recommend a good diet? He eats little and often as big portions tend to upset his tummy but he will eat everything and anything that is put in front of him. Looking for advice please?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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My Boston Terrier doesn’t seem to put on any weight... Any Advice?

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Kelly Baudier

“satin balls” as treats….look up the recipe

Eugene Peysakh

Mine likes sweet potato, vegetables and chicken. Eggs.

Amber Mat-Met

Home made with raw beef.

Donna Harden

I kept mine on puppy food for 6 months longer than recommended for an other reason. She gained weight because the puppy food is rich and builds little bodies. Maybe mixing in some puppy food with the adult food would help. (My reason for doing so proved to be an allergy to something in the adult food.)

Michele Rose

Have a CBC done. My Boston started losing weight, CBC which I requested showed high liver enzymes. Found out she has inoperable liver tumors.