My Boston Terrier has a Long Nose like a Terrier is this ok?

Here is a Question from Norma Greenwood : My Boston Terrier has a long nose like a Terrier is this ok?

“My Boston Terrier has a long nose like a terrier is this ok?”

What do you think?

  • Rudy – The Boston Terrier

    Actually, it may be a beneficial trait. A lot of boston terriers have breathing problems caused by their smooshed face and short snouts. Having a long snout is something that can help avoid respiratory issues so I think it is a good trait from a health perspective. If you take a look at boston terriers from the past, they generally did not have such smooshed faces and had longer snouts. Some people think the dogs look cuter with a very smooshed face so bostons have been bred recently to have a more smooshed face, but this is not as healthy.

  • Sharicia Roberts

    It doesn’t matter as long as you love him/her….after all my nose isn’t so straight and my Bostons have all loved me!!

  • HMB

    Blu has a longer nose I’m hoping it helps as my last boston had to have an op to help him breathe

  • Lindi Judd

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Do you love your dog? If yes, it doesn’t matter if it has a long nose. Maybe it is a mix and maybe it is just the way it is. Who cares?

  • KellyAnnPritchard

    If I could give my dog Lucy a longer nose I would have I wanted a snoring dog. I have watched her breed pay 4 the nose trait

  • KellyAnnPritchard

    Its better.Shorter nosed Bostons have trouble breathing when too hot, they run, it makes it hard to swim and they love to swim