My Boston Terrier seems like he’s Almost Unresponsive. Someone knows What he has?


Here is a question from Cody asking other Boston Terrier owners if someone knows what his Boston Terrier has.

He says : “Hello I was hoping maybe you can help me. I have an 11 month old Boston Terrier. He does this wired thing. It’s almost like he’s unresponsive. I have a video so that you can see. I have gone to the vet they have no idea what’s wrong. We have done multiple blood panels that have come back better than the last. Maybe another Boston owner knows. Thanks for your time.”

Does anyone have any ideas, advices and/or experiences?
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Ron caple
Ron caple

We have an 11 my month old and she does exactly the same it must be a Boston thing. I bet he would move if you were holding some chicken wings in your hand

Zed Sonmez

He just thinks there chicken in the oven!Surely 🙂

Noel Stiles

Is he deaf ? have you had him checked.


LMAO! That is the Boston Terriers stubborn streak. Our dog does this all the time when he’s being a little punk. Stop spending your money on Vet visits, it’s normal behavior for the Boston Terrier. 😂

Carol a rosetti
Carol a rosetti

It looks to me like he is staring at his reflection in the oven my dog’s do that all the time I don’t have a Boston but my Chihuahua and my corgi both check their reflection in anything that is glass or shiny they won’t listen to me or move

Lynn Kenny-Landry

I have a 3 month old, he does that sometimes and he’s a ball of energy… Either he’s mad at us about something and other times, I think he’s seeing a ghost, it’s a type of trance and I guess normal with Terriers. Usually seizures will involve a bit of shaking…..

Natalie Lyons

Our girl does that when she has to go potty. She just stands in a trance in one place, normally she’s a ball of energy so its a pretty good tell for her.

Sandra Hezeltine

My older Boston did it his whole life he was very stubborn but how I miss him


My Boston did this too. He would dig in his heels when he wasn’t getting what he wanted or thought something wasn’t right- They are stubborn but so funny! He wants something. My guess is your guy thinks there is food in the oven. THere might be old food he can still smell. Talk to your dog – they can understand plus communicating/ showing concern/ being caring will bond you and develop trust. Open the oven door – show and explain there is nothing in there. Offer him a treat.

MaJo Verde

Mine does the same when we tried to take a picture or video of him ! He dislikes pictures and videos so much , he runs away when he sees a camera in front on him or any objet that you are pointing at him . This happened since we left him for 2 nights at doggie care in our vet 🙁 i don’t know what they did to him but my baby doesn’t like pictures anymore since that he was like a year and half now he’s 3 still does the same . I only wish I can do… Read more »

MA Bailey

I’d have him checked, insist on a CAT scan of his head…..bostons are very prone to having brain tumors…watch for shaking as well. We just lost our 6yrold after spending over $18,000 trying to figure out what was wrong. (I’d do it again in a heartbeat) I’m not saying this to scare you, and it’s more than likely nothing, just being a stubborn Boston.
I just want to save you the heartbreak we suffered and the money we spent.

Eric Reyemreh

We just had to put down our 10 year old Boston that had a brain tumor…it was so hard to watch his personality change and not be the dog we had had since he was 8 weeks old.

MA Bailey

Eric Reyemreh yea we’re 6 months into it and it’s heartbreaking every day. Never had the loss of a dog effect me like this. I’m so sorry for your loss

Lisa Rensel Byrne

Can dogs have absence seizures?

Karolina Jasinska

Magdalena Danilecka

Cynthia Evelina Ramos

Check his teeth,change his food diet to chicken

Zed Sonmez

Yeah you’ll get a response from Chicken?😊

Denise Rene

My bostie does the same thing, but she’s just being stubborn is all. Like when it’s bed time. She stares at herself on the oven like that too.

Christina Papoulias

It’s called being stubborn as a mule. Mine does it but that’s because he wants to do his own thing and not be smothered with kisses.

Trudy Thompson Sarver

My 11 year old Daisy does this but I have never thought much of it. Always thought it was normal Boston behavior. She’s so sweet but if she doesn’t want to do something that is exactly what she does. She’s my 3rd little Boston.

Lori Zea

All of mine too. They are weirdos sometimes! Lol 😂😂😂.

Kim Burtch-Rochon

Me too. Mine is 12 and does it too.

Angela Karayianni

Stubborn little babies. Mine does this if I have to go out. She blocks the door and won’t move. It’s not often I leave her, but what a sulk when I do 😂


My dog seems to do this occasionally. Won’t make eye contact, ignores us. It’s like a defiant child. Hope that it is all it is for your sweet puppy!

Tanya Rivera

My Frenchie is epileptic. If your sweetie isn’t making eye contact then this may possibly be a petit mal seizure. I suggest you consult with a neurologist.

Tony Greeson

He’s needing love from you. Go to him and rub behind his ears and talk softly to him and tell him you love him. Pick him up and carry him around a bit or just hold him in your lap to get more connection from him. He could just be tired or jealous of the handsome pup in the glass of the oven door. Good luck, he’s a beauty.

Thomas Walsh

Peripheral Vestibular Disease.

Lucy Gomez McCay

One of my Bostons does this from time to time but then he snaps out of it. These Bostons are stubborn until they give in on their time… it’s a little frustrating lol 😂

Lynne Ward

Maybe hearing but looks like a seizure

Nancy Gastaldo Northway

Our girl did this and she was actually having seizures. I would have him checked out by another vet. It looks like when you try to turn his head forward, he doesn’t seem to be able to go completely forward, which is what our little girl did.

Judy Knaub

Have him check for being deaf.

Tammara Shroyer

I have three Boston Terrier they are two and 1 yr. Old. But non of them do this. So sorry. Please take him to another vet.. Praying he will be healthy and nothing wrong . In the name of Jesus amen.

Scott Jennings

My 6 year old Pete does the same thing. I’ll call his name til l’m blue in the face sometimes and he just stands there and looks at me like F U dad? Just a Boston thing l guess.

Livi Thule

Petit mal seizure. Common in Boston Terriers.

Joyce Pearson

Looks like a type of seizure but if he’s old he may not hear anything. My Boston is 13 and she just looks at me at times

Joyce Pearson

Looks like a type of seizure but does he have hearing problems? I would go to another vet.

Jeannette Dodge


Geri Henley

This is just something that all Bostons do, there is nothing wrong with them!! 🙂

Eugene Peysakh

My Boston doesn’t do this

Thomas Walsh

That is terrible advice..

Jewels Henson

This looks like a seizure!

Judith Ann Brown

I would get him checked for sure. He’s eyes looked sleepy! But he is a beautiful Boston BTW!

Kim Martin

I watched this video again and the way he blinks his eyes is another clue ❤️

Kim Martin

I would wonder if it’s something neurological I don’t think it’s a chosen behavior kinda looks like he’s wondering what’s going on❤️

Carol Burek

Second opinion!

Theresa Brown Penning

Has he had his hearing tested?

Chris Bozek Sebestik

We call it the wooden Boston syndrome… they just stand and ignore everything around them…


I saw someone asking is hwdeaf, but he may be having fits petit Mal seizures (epilepsy)


BTs will do something only if they want to; they need to be motivated. How’s his appetite? Does he respond to his favorite treats? Is he being left alone during the days? That’ll piss him off for sure.

Carol Allen

Go to another vet. Sounds like a seizure.

Carol Allen

Seizures could be a symptom of a brain tumor.

Margaret Wren

My 12 year old female Boston has done this for as long as I can remember. She is also energetic at times & loves to go for car rides!

Kim Farr Vallequette

It looks like a seizure

Jan Long

He wants dinner in the oven. Lol. Hope all is well

Maria Terry

He’s probably deaf

Nadia Pereira

My Boston do not do it but my Frenchie does.At times I wonder if he is autistic lost in his own world

Debbie Maddux St Romain

What medicine did the vet give yours? The Boston we had was my mother’s and I was young. I don’t know what the vet gave him. I know she did have a pill to give him for these seizures.

Dayle-Thompson Morse

Can dogs have epilepsy…?

Marti Marikovics

Yes, they can.

Jaymes Aldous

BTs are especially prone

Lisamarie Eggers

Could be a Seizure go two another vet.. CBS oil helps with Seizure alot.

DeeDee McCall

Were there particular times or places this happens. How often does happen. How does he act the rest of the times.