My Boston Terrier seems like he’s Almost Unresponsive. Someone knows What he has?


Here is a question from Cody asking other Boston Terrier owners if someone knows what his Boston Terrier has.

He says : “Hello I was hoping maybe you can help me. I have an 11 month old Boston Terrier. He does this wired thing. It’s almost like he’s unresponsive. I have a video so that you can see. I have gone to the vet they have no idea what’s wrong. We have done multiple blood panels that have come back better than the last. Maybe another Boston owner knows. Thanks for your time.”

Does anyone have any ideas, advices and/or experiences?
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86 Comments on "My Boston Terrier seems like he’s Almost Unresponsive. Someone knows What he has?"

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Lynn Kenny-Landry

I have a 3 month old, he does that sometimes and he’s a ball of energy… Either he’s mad at us about something and other times, I think he’s seeing a ghost, it’s a type of trance and I guess normal with Terriers. Usually seizures will involve a bit of shaking…..

Natalie Lyons

Our girl does that when she has to go potty. She just stands in a trance in one place, normally she’s a ball of energy so its a pretty good tell for her.

Sandra Hezeltine

My older Boston did it his whole life he was very stubborn but how I miss him


My Boston did this too. He would dig in his heels when he wasn’t getting what he wanted or thought something wasn’t right- They are stubborn but so funny! He wants something. My guess is your guy thinks there is food in the oven. THere might be old food he can still smell. Talk to your dog – they can understand plus communicating/ showing concern/ being caring will bond you and develop trust. Open the oven door – show and explain there is nothing in there. Offer him a treat.

MaJo Verde
Mine does the same when we tried to take a picture or video of him ! He dislikes pictures and videos so much , he runs away when he sees a camera in front on him or any objet that you are pointing at him . This happened since we left him for 2 nights at doggie care in our vet 🙁 i don’t know what they did to him but my baby doesn’t like pictures anymore since that he was like a year and half now he’s 3 still does the same . I only wish I can do… Read more »
MA Bailey

I’d have him checked, insist on a CAT scan of his head…..bostons are very prone to having brain tumors…watch for shaking as well. We just lost our 6yrold after spending over $18,000 trying to figure out what was wrong. (I’d do it again in a heartbeat) I’m not saying this to scare you, and it’s more than likely nothing, just being a stubborn Boston.
I just want to save you the heartbreak we suffered and the money we spent.

MA Bailey

Eric Reyemreh yea we’re 6 months into it and it’s heartbreaking every day. Never had the loss of a dog effect me like this. I’m so sorry for your loss

Eric Reyemreh

We just had to put down our 10 year old Boston that had a brain tumor…it was so hard to watch his personality change and not be the dog we had had since he was 8 weeks old.