My Dog Refuse to Walk on Leash… Any Advice?


Here is a question from Mark asking for some suggestions for his dog who’s not walking on leash properly.

He says : “I have a 5 months old Boston Terrier and he refuses to walk on leash.  I’ve tried all the tricks with treats. He wont stop eating grass so he wont move forward…”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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This is him at 5 weeks old!

My Dog Refuse to Walk on Leash... Any Advice?

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Mary Hull

We had this problem. Walked with neighbors and their dogs.

Barb Chipman

I use a harness with velcro. works very well.

Dorothy Long


Pamela Robbins Thrasher

Harness gives you more control.

Peggy Suleski-Lucykanish

Try a harness instead of collar

Lynne Ward

Try using a harness

Holly Ray Romanov

My 3 month old won’t either.

Erin Medovich

Harness and retractable 😍

Sharon Lovelace

Never use leashes.

Sharon Lovelace

Nilesh, harness.

Joe Hanley

If you have another dog that does walk, that helped us b

Perrie Freestone

When my Boston & I go for our walk she has me on the leash!!

Carrie Jo Cramer

I had mine drag his around the house while I encouraged him to walk around

Terry Moore

I have a male who will go anywhere with me at my side but if I try to put him on a leash he flops down and won’t take a step.

Jamie Lynn

Put it on a leash and force it to walk! I did my pup and she is good with it now

Nadia Pereira

try slowly put him with his leash in the floor and walk a short distance away and call him and show him a treat.Do it,again and again increasing the distance slowly and use a lot of treats.he will learn

George Fenwick

we use a body harness no problem with a leash

Betty Sinor

Are you using a harness or collar.. They do better with a harness

Jill Gonzalez

Mine did that you need patients don’t give up, also try ceaser milan

Nicky Robinson

I find a harness is much better than a collar when walking mine

Theresa Brown Penning


Melissa Van Ert

He is afraid of the leash. Attach a piece of yarn to their collar/harness and let them get used to having something attached and learn it will not hurt them.

Debby Newell

My dog had so much energy and will play all day long but she sees me get the leash out she will go hide. 💕

Tori Lanier

Apply pressure gently on step forward lots of praise and a treat. Increase steps slowly. Do not reward the wrong behavior, if he runs backwards flips over acts a fool ignore him until you get the result you want then reward.

Carol Fults

Mine won’t either,I can’t even get one on him he twist and jumps around

Gloria Rascoe Tebo

Use a harness
Collars damage their throats

Debbie Balls

My dog did the same thing at that age, he would lay down thinking iW as punishing him, so I taught him to walk without a leash and he mastered that.

Amanda Smith

I think a harness and just keep walking him. Eventually he will come around.

Carol Roberts Thomas

I got mine at 9 weeks and only way he would walk on leash was to drag him. He will walk on leash from car to pet store or to vet.

Madeline J. Power

Trapper Joel do you have any advice?

Trapper Joel

Yes, yes I do.

Judy Wolf

Get one these and fill the two hollow ends with peanut butter and freeze. Walk your dog on harness holding this even with your hip, just at the height your dog can lick. Say your command for heel as you walk. Lift the bone away during walk out of sight. If your dog pulls forward, bring him back level, lower treat bone and start again. Keep leash short to start, gradually increasing length each walk. This was technique used in dog training class leading up to therapy certification. It works.

Liz Andrews

Treats and patience !! 🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶

Deborah Ruelle

Roasted chicken for treats. I also have a five month old Boston that I am training. Try working with him before you feed him so he is hungry. Reward with treats and praise and hopefully you will have success. Mine has the attention span of a gnat but we are making progress.

Joyce Powell

I use a step in harness. All stages. They also have no pull leashes. Puppy training class is a wonderful tool.

Bonnie Mitchell

With a harness I had left leash on a lot for my pup. She eventually learned to walk with it.

Elyse Campisi
Elyse Campisi

I like this tip in the article:
“Associate the leash with playtime
With some dogs the moment you pick that leash up and he feels some tension he can go into his ‘I am a fish on the end of a hook’ antics. So, after attaching the leash let him run around dragging it. You should always be supervising this to avoid any possible tangling.”

Lynn Lanstra

I bought a doggie stroller

Lorrie Hughes Burks

We did too…big enough for all three of our Boston babies!😊

Donna Harden

Use a harness with a front chest attachment. The puppy will walk better when the lease is fastened to the front of the chest rather than the back.

Leslie Brown

Absolutely! And doesn’t let them learn how to pull. Best way to go.

Peggy Welch

Harness and treats. They respond to food most of the time like some chicken or the like.

Mark Hutchinson

Harness – allow dragging the leash – and gradually train for off leash walking.

Steve Gilmore

Try using a harness

Marie Beau

Mine won’t walk on collar & lead, got harness & no probs