My Dog Refuse to Walk on Leash… Any Advice?


Here is a question from Mark asking for some suggestions for his dog who’s not walking on leash properly.

He says : “I have a 5 months old Boston Terrier and he refuses to walk on leash.  I’ve tried all the tricks with treats. He wont stop eating grass so he wont move forward…”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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This is him at 5 weeks old!

My Dog Refuse to Walk on Leash... Any Advice?

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46 Comments on "My Dog Refuse to Walk on Leash… Any Advice?"

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Mary Hull

We had this problem. Walked with neighbors and their dogs.

Barb Chipman

I use a harness with velcro. works very well.

Dorothy Long


Pamela Robbins Thrasher

Harness gives you more control.

Peggy Suleski-Lucykanish

Try a harness instead of collar