National Geographic featuring two Amazing BTs!


Dogs are intelligent and they can learn lots of things but with the help of their owner, two Boston Terriers in the South of France have pushed themselves forward!

The National Geographic Channel featured two Amazing Boston Terrier Dogs named Tuxedo (6 years old) and Mia (1 year old).

With their amazing sence of balance and intelligence, these dogs learned lots of complex tricks like riding on skateboards. Now they get invitations to perform in the streets of several european tourist destinations.

Their owner, Kang Lee was given the talent to Terriers by his son but he never owned pets before and he had no idea how to take care of them. Kang Lee says : “At the time, I was unsure of what to do. I researched how to raise dogs properly on the internet and in several books.”

“If we have patience, tolerance and love we can teach dogs to do anything.”  –  Kang Lee

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Maísa Feital

Karla Kalife

Chris LeVine

Andrea LeVine

Tim Eberle

I would have never picked a Boston Terrier, but as fate would have it, I acquired one and I wouldn’t have anything else!!! I LOVE my munchkin!!! 🙂

Aimee Samelak

I love Bostons! Have had them my whole life!!

Manuela Chavarro

M Esteban Peñaloza

Karen Morris

Amazing and so entertaining!

Debra Sears Farmer

I’ve had BTs all my life & it started with my dad purchasing the first in 1932. They are the smartest, most loyal, energetic, wanting only to please & living dogs you’ll ever have. When I met my husband I told him, “Love me, love my dog or we don’t exist as a couple.” He used to come pick up my dog and take him out on dates when I was in school or at work & couldn’t go! I have several friends I’ve converted to BTs and they all love them just as much as we do. Once you’ve… Read more »

David Perry

Lani Naihe

Lani Naihe


Karen Morris

Love my Boston. 💜

Peggy Wright

I have had 3 Bostons and can’t wait to have another couple! They are so smart and such fun.

Deborah Ruelle

It won’t come as any surprise to those who know me, but Boston terriers have my ❤

Susan Sanders

I am totally in love with them !!!

Courtney Lightfoot

MaKenzie Welsh

Mary Bomber




Susan Wade

My Boston, Dolly, will celebrate her 9th birthday this month. She is something else. Bostons are fabulous dogs all the way around! This video and story are absolutely amazing.

Max Merionnicon

AKC Boston pups for sale they are well trained and will be coming along site all their ducs text me via 740 936 3019 or email at [email protected]

Susan Wade


Keleigh Slaight

Chloe Alesi opie?

Chloe Alesi

Hahah he can only do paw and sit!

Elisabeth Lee

Super cool love it

Ron Hertzog

BT’s are the best companions I’ve ever known.

Max Merionnicon

AKC Boston pups for sale they are well trained and will be coming along site all their ducs text me via 740 936 3019 or email at [email protected]

Debra Bieri

God bless you and your dogs

Susanne Norton La Faver

Sparky and Pepper look forward to National Geographic to see these stars!

Sharon Capener

Love Bosties!

Sergio Rojo

Graciela Rodriguez

Lucy Ferri Burfeind

so cure

Snort Monster

Thank you for sharing this! What a phenomenally talented duo!


Boston Terriers are one of the best breeds. They are intelligent and fun.

Frédéric Poulin

mine excels at sleeping..

Mike Funk

and eating and farting!!

Mira Pucer

Bostons are the best !

Jolene Clark

My Boston very rarely passes any gas! Why? Why does everyone else’s do that and mine doesn’t?!

Frédéric Poulin

Mine used to but we changed his food. Now its lamb based and he’s fine.

Kelly Meyer Morrison


Linda Hutson

How I love this breed!



Aileen Wright

Love Mia and Tuxedo

Alex Bogrett
Alex Bogrett

This guy should yodel

Mary Nordmeyer

I just love these dogs!!!!

Linda Cowell

We need to get busy with Hudson!

Barb Fischer

They are adorable and so smart-)

Kiki Erickson Kline

Love the happiness of all of them. A wonderful little loving family.


Love this!!