Newborn Boston Terrier named Romeo Because of Heart Shaped Marking (Photo)


Here is a photo of a newborn Boston Terrier in the hand of his owners from Zürich, Switzerland.

His owners says : “This picture was taken right after birth. We named him Romeo due to the heart shaped marking on his chest. He is only a few days old now. But we knew from the moment we first saw him, that he is going to stay with us forever! Such a lovely boy.”

Newborn Boston Terrier named Romeo Because of Heart Shaped Marking (Photo)

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Carol Burkhart

Sweetie ❤️

Randy Bazaar Berry

Trisha Conwell Berry

Joanne Storm

Sweet baby!!!

June O'Rear

Awww so cute!!

Jean Brinks Bodo


Laura Martin

So sweet

Brennetta Frazier

You need this Mary Hibbard

Yadira Flota


Mel Mel

Gaby Hhamel

Gaby Hhamel


Karen Whitlow


Michael Whitlow

Karen Whitlow

Korinna Howie


Daniiel Bfw


Fer SG

😍😍😍😍😍 es un bebecito 🖤

Tekavčič Tina

Alen Tekavčič Anamaria Marjanović 😍😍😍

Tayler Boebel

Cary Buchanan Boebel

Aletha Willis

So adorable

Ewa Bartnik

jaki słodziak śliczny , urocze ..pozdrawiam

Carol Harris

My two girls had 1 litter per year, so I had these little guys in my kitchen twice per year. Each momma had theirs 6 months from the other. They are just the cutest little things.

Christie Keele

Love this precious baby Boston 🙂

Cheri Sprott Miehe

stop! lol the cute is ridiculous!

Mathilde Beauchamp


Vicky Lymburner

Ya encore son cordon mannn

Mathilde Beauchamp

Hahaha je sais jcapotais quand j’ai vu ça !

Brittanie Klucker

Ronda Groff DeBacco 😭

Rebecca Taylor Poston


Myra Gonzalez

He is so sweet 💗

Peggy Wright

So beautiful and so sweet! I will take 2 please !!!

Bea Jacobson

How sweet !!!

Gail Joha

How flipping cute

J.J. Zeitvogel Arriaga

Henry Arriaga

Kelseypaige Manuel

Alana Tanti

Sedra Jueden

I love it can i have it I need one more

Mayra's Esthetics

Omg so beautiful 😘

Carole Siino

Kelly you have seen so many of these babies❤

Deborah Oblak


Crystal Love Odom

Donna Mike Stephens

Sara Smith

Tammy! I need my puppy!

Joann Mays Byerley

Sue Conner Voegele

Andrea Murray Sams

Perfect…I want another one so ooooo bad to add to this perfection

Judy Higgins-Parker

To die for!!!

Mary Hibbard

So beautiful!!

Rose Marie Mello

Colleen Mello someone to cheer you up!💗

Alyssa Olwell

Shayla Olwell

Shayla Olwell

Oh my gosh 😍😍😍 I need three of them!!!

Brett Witzberger

Maren Witzberger

Maren Witzberger

Sweet baby

Amanda Perez

Manny Perez Barbara Perez look at baby Romeo 🐾🐾😍🐶

Lynn Beckwith

Wynona Marney

Kathy Stabler

So sweet!!

Rhonda Anderson Stewart

Sweet baby…my baby girl has one on her neck!

Shirley Eller


Tina Brooks

It’s got a heart over its heart.

Diana Carr

I want another Boston.

Andrea Murray Sams

Me tooo

Michael LeVault

Me 3

Eunice Cerda Rojas

Majo Inostroza mira BBy