Not a Fan of Water but he went in the Pool to Cool Off! (without Water Wings)


    Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Ringer at 12 months old from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    His owner says : “Ringer is not a fan of the water at all but it was so hot out this day my friend wanted to take him into the pool to help him cool off. He was not too happy about it!”

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    Not a Fan of Water but he went in the Pool to Cool Off without his Water Wings!

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    Andres Sanchez

    My hate it to the death

    Jennifer L Buckniak

    Too cute!

    Carol Hulett


    Molly Braetten

    Alex Bassler

    Garance Blanche


    Viay Molina Sanchez

    Corazón que lindo!

    Anne Borras-Bujardet

    All cute! Mine doesn’t like water at all ????

    Diane Zoelly

    So cute

    Margaret Baty

    Safety first

    Simone Nicole Martinez

    Sherri Hewitt , I was thinking about Bella =D

    Susan Ward O'Dell

    What an adorable face

    Peggy Keaffer

    Kira Keaffer Petery!!!

    Amanda J. Oliver

    Alexander Fowler

    Allison Fowler Woodfill

    Poor baby

    Mary Fanto

    I know that look! I get the same panicked look when I first put Petey in the water. But he always comes back for more!!

    Carolea Hunter

    Bitzy loves to float!

    Diane Calevich


    Jacob Mattingly

    Andy Mattingly

    Roberta Soave Brightman

    Oh what a face. Love!!!

    Ann Kirollos

    Very cute

    Chanel Davis Mitchell

    Sophie loves it!!

    Heather Gunderson

    Precious Boston !

    Walter Wedemeyer

    Alexis Wedemeyer

    Kathy Eisman

    Poor thing is scared to death. I know that look.

    kyle ouber

    @kaycee_ouber @futurebond

    SaRee Voth

    Ray Gonzalez

    Sophia Lakshmi

    Kate Tauber

    Yupadee Mutchler

    Iam alway lov boston

    Katie Gineris Yenne

    Sabrina Slaughter

    Mary Donald

    That is the cutest Boston! I just love Boston’s My first pet was a girl Boston ….

    Debbie Deal Del Real

    You must be talking about Poo

    Ryan Av

    Cheryl Love Avina

    Bubba Bortz

    Mine loves it. He has a boat, and he will get in and swim for about 2 minutes

    Sandra Fredericks Slack

    My Boston’s hate water! Including baths, even after 10 years!! <3

    Katelynn Kibler

    Deb Kibler