One ear of my Boston Terrier isn’t standing up. Is this a concern?


Here is a question from Marili asking other Boston Terrier owners about his Boston Terrier’s ears.

He says : “Hi, my Boston’s one ear isn’t standing up? Is this a concern? Yesterday morning both his ears was staying straight up. His ear was always straight up since about 2 months old, yesterday morning his ears was fine and since yesterday afternoon one wasn’t. Kindly advice, thank you.”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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One ear of my Boston Terrier isn't standing up. Is this a concern?


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74 Comments on "One ear of my Boston Terrier isn’t standing up. Is this a concern?"

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What could I use to get rid of the brown stain mark under my Boston puppies eye, other than using baby wipes with aloe, I need a good remedy


Who cares if they go up or stay down? It does not cause a health problem, and both are cute.

Amanda Mitchell

I prefer them with floppy ears they look cuter !😆

Lina Bard

Elon’s right ear is floppy even though he is 12 months old. I think it makes him look cute and puppyish. Love him so much 🐶😍

Mary Kay Klein Nordmeyer

Mine had a floppy ear the first 6 months. Then one day it perked up.