One ear of my Boston Terrier isn’t standing up. Is this a concern?


Here is a question from Marili asking other Boston Terrier owners about his Boston Terrier’s ears.

He says : “Hi, my Boston’s one ear isn’t standing up? Is this a concern? Yesterday morning both his ears was staying straight up. His ear was always straight up since about 2 months old, yesterday morning his ears was fine and since yesterday afternoon one wasn’t. Kindly advice, thank you.”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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One ear of my Boston Terrier isn't standing up. Is this a concern?


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What could I use to get rid of the brown stain mark under my Boston puppies eye, other than using baby wipes with aloe, I need a good remedy


Who cares if they go up or stay down? It does not cause a health problem, and both are cute.

Amanda Mitchell

I prefer them with floppy ears they look cuter !😆

Lina Bard

Elon’s right ear is floppy even though he is 12 months old. I think it makes him look cute and puppyish. Love him so much 🐶😍

Mary Kay Klein Nordmeyer

Mine had a floppy ear the first 6 months. Then one day it perked up.

Vickie Myers Barnhouse

I have put a bandaid inside the ear to help till the muscle has a chance to get strong enough to hold it up.

Rita Coleman

Our first Boston was Winston. Floppy ears he was a papered Boston

Holly Ray Romanov

They do that when they are young. I love it and wish is would last forever.

Mona Dollarhide

Just makes them all the more adorable!!

Norma Pole

Sue N Sue N Murray Pritchard

Sandy Engle

No, it’s cute. But if your concerned, you can massage them to help stand up

Marili Nel

Thank you all, love our 2 bostons and learning new things everday😊(wont use tape or anything else)

Deborah Lundeen

We have had Bostons for 43 years now. With each new puppy I fret over their ears that seem never to stand up. However, guess what? They always do. Take care.

Meg Kirkendall

Still a baby…it will
stand up give it time.

Mark Hutchinson

Nope. Just one of those things. I have two – one has tips that flip backward, the other stick off to the side.

Deborah Ruelle

Sir Winston 💞💞💞

Katherine Locke

Lucien, 6 years old 💕

Katherine Locke

Pat Lucien!!!! 6 ans plus tard, on attend toujours 😂

Allen Powers

No ones perfect . Love him & he’ll love you !

Cynthia Ferguson DeVaux

They probably will when older. Both mine did.

Deborah Ruelle

I wanted to do something to fix my pups floppy ear, he is six months now, but now it just “him”! I can tell he has thinner cartilage in that ear than the one that stands.

Laura Skorczewski

Oh my gosh! I have never seen that before. It is so cute. I would love to have a Boston with ears like that. My two Boston’s have floppy ears. Our first Boston had straight ears. Floppy ears was a new thing for us. What is your puppies name? Einstein and Newton say hi. Four years old and litter mates.


Thank you his name is Boston, he also has a sister Brooklyn, funny we saw your pictures and your bostons looks almost the same as ours just bigger, they are 3months old,best dogs ever love them so much

Deborah Ruelle

I love the names Einstein and Newton! They are such smart dogs.

Roger Mesley

Our Betty, at six, has similarly mismatched ears. We think that it is cute and rather rakish. Now if you had dreams of having a show dog, concern would be in order.

Laura Skorczewski

Awww. Cute cute cute!


Thank you no show dog just part of the family. Bostons are familiar for their ears amongst all thenother things, so we were just wondering

Ashley Roshea

When I first got my Boston, both her ears were flipped backwards but they suddenly started to stand up straight on their own . However, they still have a little bent in them . It’s not a huge concern, I had one vet tell me to tape them together but I said screw that .

Laura Skorczewski


Sue Gardafee Meier

No. Our baby didn’t have any ears up until 4 months old. Then one. She was between 6 and 7 months before the second one went up and stayed. Some pups have heavier ears and it takes longer.

Janis Lafleur

We have 3 and each one is different.. Blaze’s stands if she wants them to, Roscoe is full at attention and my Lex’s droops at the tips.

Tracy Roddy Gionfriddo

Sorry, but I have to question those of you that put tape on your dog’s ears. You would think you’d be more concerned about their health than their looks.

Sue Gardafee Meier

Taping the ears does not hurt the dog one bit. It is safe, harmless and very common. Having the ears erect IS healthy in keeping the canals open and aired. Prevents moisture and possibly yeast infections. Many vets follow this practice for stand up ear dogs!

Tiffany Wilmath

Mine is two and his ears stand when he wants them to mainly when something catches his interest but most of the time they lay flat

Laura Skorczewski

That is exactly what our two Boston’s ears do. When they look at us ears go flat. When alert, they can stand up briefly. If they’re not looking straight at us, then they are floppy. So we get a little bit of everything. We love our silly Boston’s. This is Newton. He looks like he has done something wrong but he hasn’t. He looks scared but he isn’t.

Tiffany Wilmath

Hes adorble

Laura Skorczewski

Thank you.

Betty Scheltens

So cute

Annie Douglass

During his first year our dog’s ears were constantly changing! 1 day the left would flop and the right would be straight a few days later they’d switch. Then both would flop. Then both would be straight! 😄
I think it took almost a year before they both finally stood straight for good. We just found the whole thing very entertaining !

Linda Osburn

That’s my Ivy in the picture below 9 yrs old

Linda Osburn

I put 2 strips of scotch tape over the top tip of the ear for 2 weeks & that did the trick & it didn’t hurt or bother her a bit.

Carol Wesseling Griffith

This is Bella, she is 7 and her left ear turns down a little. I think it makes her look adorable.

Tracy Roddy Gionfriddo

She looks a lot like my Roxie.

Carol Wesseling Griffith

Tracy Roddy Gionfriddo they look like twins.

Laura Skorczewski

She’s very pretty. And looks adorable.

Linda Comstock Stewart

Two months old is a bit young. Read this:

Jill Lalande-Manner

Our female’s right ear is floppy. She’s two now. I do not see a concern.

Shelly Hahn

No some ears stand and some don’t!!

Laura Skorczewski


Pat Waskow Mills

One of my Bostons ear took for ever. One morning I said “oh my your ear is standing up!!

Jeanie Shelton

Massage his ears.

Jason Ed Oakey

I have 3 Boston’s. 1 of them has ears that sticks up like a bat. 1 is floppy. And 1 depends on what mood he’s in.

Judith Ann Brown

My max has a floppy ear then they both stood up!

Lilgreen Cook

My boston was the same way now two ears fully standing up…i agree if one is standing the other will soon…no worries

Laura Skorczewski

Both of my babies have forward floppy ears. Who cares? It makes them look like puppies forever. Their sweet puppy faces are adorable. This is Einstein.

Laura Skorczewski

This is Newton and his cute ears.

Joshua Lewis


Johan Pelser

Ahhhhhhhh very cute. Here is Boston a week ago

Johan Pelser

This is Brooklyn from South Africa, Boston’s sister

Jeannette Dodge


Russell Lalevee

I have lots of Boston’s and the ears will pop up in time.

Laura Westerhouse Skorczewski

The ears don’t always pop up, in time. Our boys are 4 years old and they have floppy ears. I wish we had room for 4 doggies. We have 2 litter mates. They are inseparable.

Laura Skorczewski

The ears don’t always pop up, in time. Our boys are 4 years old and they have floppy ears.

Russell Lalevee

Then you don’t have true Boston’s.

Russell Lalevee
Mark Tyler

Russell Lalevee what a ridiculous thing to say. Ours doesn’t have upright ears, maybe I should take him back to the breeder and exchange him for a “true Boston”?

Joan E Moore

it will come up be patient ,if not no big deal i have 3 bostons 1 has floppy ears ,i wouldn’t change a thing about her , but more than likely if one ear is up the other will pop up too

Judi Banville Baker

My grandpuppy, Lansdowne’s ears never stood up. He’s 8 now and is great.

Judi Banville Baker
Judi Banville Baker

My grandpuppy, Lansdowne’s eats never stood up. He’s 8 now and is great.

Judi Banville Baker
Angie Lilly

I have Two Bostons I would be concerned I would take the little fella to the vet and find out what’s going on


Some just don’t stand up, no need to go to vet. Some dogs ear leather is heavier than others. Has nothing to do with not being a purebred as someone stated.

Jeanie Shelton

He’s very young. Massage his ears gently, several times a day if you can. Some just hold their ears up, and some don’t.