Our Boston Terrier is getting spayed. Any Advice? Any Changes After the Surgery?


Here is a Question from Cynthia asking other Boston Terrier owners about spaying a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “Hi. We are getting our 9 months old Boston Terrier spayed this week. This is our first Boston Terrier and first puppy. The last dog we had came neutered already. Any advice? Any noticeable changes after the surgery? We’ll be her craziness and her temperament. Also… do you recommend using the donut? Some friends said it’s hard to eat, drink and sleep. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Our Boston Terrier is getting spayed. Any Advice? Any Changes After the Surgery?

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Patricia Kim Hassett Slagle


Marti Marikovics

Not a big deal. Have it done as soon as recommended.

Judy Slape

my little girl did great after her spay, she acted like nothing happened, she took it easy for about 3 hours then was up and running!

Anthony Beard

Mine wasn’t spayed till later in life. My vet was after me for years to have it done provided I was never going to breed him. He always said it was for their good and better health. No changes noticed afterward.

Lisa Bailey

Same here we didn’t spay our Boston til she was 5 years old

David Burnett

He will live longer

Gayle Dormaier

The changes vary from dog to dog. My previous Boston had no sexual drive after, while my current Boston is just as ‘randy’ as before. He is not interested in actually mating but loved one of his stuffed toys so much I had to throw it away!!

Jackie Pointer

Poor thing

Sharon Balsor

less food they gain weight ,more exercise when it she or he heals.

Kim Curwen

NIco was spayed just shy of 6 months. The vet was amazing and it was done with laser so the scar is now difficult to find or feel and recovery seemed very quick. 3 years old now and she is happy, healthy and typical Boston.

Kim Jones

My Brooklyn waiting at the door for my daughter to come in

Denise Crystal Noskcirdneh

Mine is neutered. He is fine. Very fit and trim. Very active. He was fixed before 6 months old…he doesn’t hike his leg to pee. His testicles hadn’t dropped down yet. Glad we did.

Denise Crystal Noskcirdneh
Diane Harris

My boston was spayed three months after 1st season .had no problems .best waiting till after 1st season helps them with maturing better in long run she was 2 yrs yesterday .

Carol Wesseling Griffith

We had our girl spayed at 6 months and she has matured very well. She is 6 years old now and a joy to us.

Marti Marikovics

No reason to make them wait. They mature just fine.

Diane Harris

Well thats our oppinion .

Monica Chairez

Soft cone vs plastic cone.

Kim Jones

My Brooklyn was neutered at 6mts she is now a year old and the most happiest lil dog on the block

Joseph Breen Williams

Our eight-month old Boston was neutered three weeks ago. No major change at all! Surgery was easy, and recovery was really only a couple of days!

Joe Hanley

She will pee more often.

Norma Ann Calendar

I have a BT girl, she did not have any problems she was 7 month old when spayed.

Mark Hutchinson

Why?(rhetorical) I’m on my third set and I’ve never had any of them ‘fixed’ – they don’t need fixing they are perfect as they are!

Whitney White

Till they get pyometra or some sort of cancer. When you make the decision not to say or neuter it is like playing Russian roulette.

Mark Hutchinson

Would you neuter your son..because he might get testicular cancer?

Jeanie Shelton

Mark Hutchinson would you want to watch your baby slowly and painfully die because you wouldn’t have him neutered? This has nothing to do with humans.

Whitney White

Mark Hutchinson, did you got to school for veterinary medicine? Oh No, you didn’t. Okay then. Humans and animals are two different stories. Until you have assisted in a surgery or euthinaza, because an owner chose not to spay or neuter your words fall in deaf ears……

Whitney White


Marti Marikovics

Unaltered pets are miserable if not allowed to mate. We have too many accidental litters. Abandoned and abused animals. Unaltered animals will roam searching for a mate. They make better pets and are healthier. Irresponsible not to spay and neuter.

Mark Hutchinson

Irresponsible is your opinion, and one should not try to shame one into their thought process. As to the animal being miserable depends on the dog -; as I noted I’m now on #5 & 6 and have had no medical or temperament or any other ‘issues’. (All of them regularly ejaculated simple and natural..it builds up…it comes out.) As to the accidental litters and such..that’s on humans..for not keeping their animals in check. Once again I have to say that I’ve never had a litter or had a litter created that wasn’t wanted. While it’s unrealistic people should have… Read more »

Janis Hales

Being neutered is not an excuse for enabling your dog get fat. Your dog should be happier and healthier after being neutered.

Sarah Danielle Brugueras

I’m still waiting at LEAST a year after my experience.. It’s what seemed best for our little family. Last Christmas, my bostons got into this pillow that had Styrofoam balls in it. It got all in there eyes.. I didn’t want to hurt their cornea’s, so I went straight to the vet and they used an anesetic (like used in spaying and neutering,) as a part of the procedure to remove all the pieces. Anyway, my littlest one didn’t come out of the anesetic for like 3/4 days. I dont want to scare you because the vet said that this… Read more »

Karen Johnson Strong

I had my Boston spayed at 6 months. No problems incurred. She slept alot when I first brought her home of course but everything was good.

Amanda Dirycz

We had our female spayed at 6 months before she had her first heat. We had the cone on for a week like the vet said so she couldn’t lick her stitches. She hated having the cone on but other than that we had no issues at all. No infections or personality changes. 🙂

Karen Morris

My Boston was neutered at 6 months, no problem at all. He is 6 now and still very active and lovable and yes he lifts his leg to pee. 💕

Shirley Eller

We have had three males fixed at 5 months. We realized that their heads were not as big as most male Boston’s. We did research and found out that they have bigger heads if we wait longer for them to complete their development. We have a 5 month old boston now and are going to wait until his head becomes full grown. They say the sooner you have a male boston fix they won’t raise their leg to pee, not true. All our males raised their legs even with early neutering.

Carol Harris

Our Winston became much more loving and calm, and has never peed in the house since then.

Michelle Young

no changes in my female.. but good lord catch it before she has her first heat… it was awful..poor thing was moody and emo.. and messy :/ for like a month, it was ick.

Southern Liberal

Monitor the wound as they can become infected

Katie G Meyer

Be very careful with a female spay. If their cut opens up there’s nothing holding organs in. Happened to my Boston this past year. Split right open so do the right thing and keep them confined


I waited until a year also (had to wait for one of his testicles to drop). He was fine after and within a day or so was back to normal. He’s now almost 11 years old and just as active as he was when he was a pup. Love that guy with my entire being!!!

William Palmer

Can you call or text your Bro? **Sylvia

June O'Rear

Gosh I don’t know. LOL.
I was just talking to your other sister. 🙂

June O'Rear

My male was a year old when we took care o this. He experienced some discomfort for a day or so, but it never slowed him down. He’s nine now and still a very healthy little guy.


I found ours gained weight .


Strange side effect. Leg humping behavior after surgery..none before. Veterinarian had no answers

Curtis Golden

My comment : we had our female spayed too young. Her permanent teeth had not come in. Problems with her teeth from then on.