Our New Boston Terrier Puppies Love to Eat their Poop… How to Stop it?


Here is a question from Danielle asking other Boston Terrier owners how to stop dogs from eating their poop.

She says : “So Boston lovers I have a question we just got two new Boston puppies and as sweet and lovable they are……. they love to eat the nasty dropping left from them. We also have a 10 year old boston who loves rabbit droppings while out for walks. So I’ve tried for-bid with both pups which are on different food and still no luck !!! Any suggestions thanks in advance”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Our New Boston Terrier Puppies Love to Eat their Poop... How to Stop it?

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I put a muzzle on her when she goes out alone. Bring right back in after she does her business. No more vomiting poop after going out!

Carol Burek

This post reminded me of s friend who took her cat to the. ER thinking her cat must be constipated since nothing on the litter box. Cat was fine, vet said keep an eye on the litterbox I think it’s probably your dogs Treat box! Sure enough! Yuk

Danielle Doucet

Hmmm ya not too sure we’ve tried for-bid and both pups are on different food and as far as I know they only eat there own our older boston eats rabbit droppings and if given the chance cat ones as well 🤢 But not her own lol !!i pick it up as soon as I do see it I’m still puppy training them and they do inside outside and in there kennel 😩😩 I’m going to try adding pumpkin and keep the fingers crossed 🤞 especially when my son loves open mouth kisses 😝 He’s 4 lol

Silvana Farias

Banana rich in potassiun. We had the same problem.

Jeannette Dodge


Edie Barbour

Gail Barbour maybe this will help Lucy?

Nan B. Speck

Try adding meat tenderizer to their food. Sometimes dogs don’t like the smell.

Sandy Hyde

Mine is 15 months so Maybe they grow out out it somewhere along the line. I never really see her eating it now but we live on acreage with cows and lord only knows what she eats outside. If I saw her I’d make her stop, otherwise i just keep her wormed and don’t worry about it. Hasn’t hurt her yet.

Kimberly Fielding Korff

Immediately clean it up and dispose of it.

Joyce Powell

Call the vet, sometimes they will check your pups stools and they can give you medication. It deters them from this. Take them out 30 minutes after they eat and every hour after that. As soon as you they go, praise them and bring them inside or away from the area.

Bernadette Ebert

Tweet has some stuff you put on there food

Jan Adams

I had to buy my cat a large, covered pan! Bea loved cat poop.

Diana Fleming

I’ve heard meat tenderizer or pineapple in their food.

Melissa Grundy Dolloff

Good luck! Took years ! Not even sure If she ever stopped!

Sandy Watts

Pineapple 🍍

FruityRudy Jenkins

Thnk god i dt have tht problems she likes real food

Preston Gordon

There is something you can buy at the pet store that mixes in with there food an makes the poop have a smell that makes them not want to eat it. Not sure what its called though

Peggy Welch

One of our dogs did that and it is gross. Best to pick it up right away. They also like rabbit poop and always cat poop. I’ve heard that pineapple added to their diet will make it taste (awful) to them, but we didn’t have much luck with that either. Best to just pick up as soon as they drop their load. They might be craving certain enzymes in their diet that they aren’t getting in their regular diet.

Shawntay Dixon

Mine hates the smell of his poop, he kicks dirt to cover it after he goes.

Rebecca Hatfield

Feed them some banana

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Mine two almost 9 have been doing it since we adopted them, we just have to stand guard and get it off the ground….I’ve tried pineapple, and now will try some pumpkin, they get a good balled diet, lots of fruit and veg….

Rebecca Hatfield

Try banana

Bob Ferrara

Wow this is a delicious subject, although I sometimes think my Boston is eating the cats little presents in the backyard.

Jeanette Lynch

Oh no

FH Fryer


George Fenwick

Pineapple supposedly helps

Allyson Beth

My vet had me mix pure pumpkin in her food for a few weeks. Worked like a charm


Mine did this too as a puppy. There’s pills you can get from PetSmart to deter this. They make the poop taste bad and worked on my boy. He hasn’t eaten poop in 10 years.


It’s called “For-Bid” for coprophagia treatment.

Danielle Doucet

Ya I tried that 😕

Jessica Jones

Mine still does this and is 10 months old, he has learned to do so when we are all asleep. Only eats it then, never during the day…if anyone has advice, I’m all ears.


See my post above. Try “For-Bid” pills.

Rebecca Hatfield

Try bananas

Brittany Costa

My Boston legit runs away from his poop after goes 🙈

Carol Fults

So does mine and I’m glad

Danielle Melville

Has anybody had their boston spayed and it stopped after that??

Gail Barbour

Didn’t work for my Boston

Mark Hutchinson

My little Lana ate her’s until about a year old..then stopped. I’ve heard things like – watch them go – then as soon as they do sprinkle allspice on it – apparently it deters them?

Trapper Joel

Madeline J. Power – Any tips from your personal experiences pertaining to this matter?

Ryan Roysden

My Boston ate his poop about 10 months or so and then he stopped and never did it again he is three now , I heard that if they have to poop in there living area that they will eat it to keep they area clean, or if they think they might get in trouble they will eat it… I bet they stop soon! Good luck

Cheryl Harris

My young Boston liked to eat the older one’s poop but he was on a different diet so I switched them to the same diet and she stopped. What about spraying the poop with bitter apple so it tastes bad?

Patrick Crowell

First… remove corn from their diet…. they LOVE the smell of undigested corn and want to re-eat it. Second… establish full control over everything they put in their mouth… food… toys… etc… Start with food. Make your dog sit, look at you, and wait before they are allowed to eat, and make sure they see you eat first. You should be able to put the food on the floor and step away and maintain eye contact before allowing them to take the food with a command (we use “take it”). Once you have that level of respect/authority… training them to… Read more »