Posing for his Political Campaign – This is Stewie the Boston Terrier


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Stewie at 4 years old from Holland, United States.

Stewie posing for his political campaign shot! 🙂 Would you vote for him?

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Posing for his Political Campaign - This is Stewie the Boston Terrier

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Randy Bazaar Berry

Trisha Conwell Berry


. @MaggieOrbit gorgeous!

Roxie the dog

Stewie looks just like my Roxie! Brindle! https://t.co/xKyQ6gH6Xe

Denise Crystal Noskcirdneh


Andrea Murray Sams


Patsy Miguez Bacala

What a beautiful dog!

Jessica Siverling

Jon Siverling look at this beautiful boy!!

Alain Fabien


Marilyn Cartier

Jason Quigley ce valentine

Michael Markham

Rosie watching the M&M guys

Justine Price

Love the brindle. That’s what my next Boston will be.

Justine Price

Mookie says yes

Nancee Swensson


Margarita Fernandez

Looks like my Charlie

Jean Tinin-Evans

OMG, beautiful !!!!

Marianne Brunson McLemore

Casey for Stevie!

David Feliu

Tharso from Argentina

Noel Stiles

Great looking guy.

Judith Lacroix

Wellesley would definitely vote for Stewie.

Heather Christine

Such a handsome boy

Eric Lepolard

C’est un beau Boston bringé

Era Fae

Hes beautiful…. Has my ❤

Jesse Lang

Lindsay Ann Lang

Pat McMillan


Dorthe Kiær

Both Eddie and Elvis would vote for Stewie

Maryl Bennett

He’s got Tazmania’s vote

Maryl Bennett


Scott Walker

great shots, Comet is on board!

Salvatore Scrivo

Beautiful face

Joe Gauthier

Ernie says really. Lol

Jim Nunes

Our Gema thinks he looks trustworthy! LOL!

Jim Nunes

He looks so regal!

Marilyn Cota

I sure would, he’s beautiful

Elizabeth Holmes

Love it! Ceecee, Peewee, Chasty, and Spinner says yes they would!!!

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Oh my God! Are those baby Boston’s in the basket? What a perfect Christmas present.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Ooops, I accidentally posted this to your timeline originally. Oh my God! Are those baby Boston’s in the basket? What a perfect Christmas present.

Elizabeth Holmes

Yes they was. They was a blessing.

Meg Kirkendall

Stewie is one handsome boy!!

Michael Carleno

Stewie for president…✌🏻

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Handsome fella has my vote. Here’s my Boston beauty

Meg Kirkendall

You DO have a Boston beauty!

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Meg Kirkendall thank you.

Linda Yingst

What a handsome fella!!!

Bonnie White Wardell

Beautiful pup😊😊😊

Jason Grzybowski

This is Stewie’s sister, Flo.

Meg Kirkendall

Flow is beautiful you have two beauties!!! Lucky you.

Robbie Pacheco

Beautiful photo!

Varuna Auzenne


Amy Gibson

Magestic AF

Kelley Lepicier

Looks like my Pitou!

Bea Jacobson

Yes !!!!


i voted for the president & i own a beautiful Boston terrier.. Does that make me baf.. Me thinks notsomuch… Stewie 👍 🇺🇸 👍

Paula Bracken

this is a beautiful pic and I would vote for him. I didn,t take this post as political.

Becky Cochran

Stewie is a pretty boy. Here’s our Matilda excited about beach bubbles.

Tammy Ray Cossey

Very handsome boy♡♡♡

Phillip Ray Baldwin

A piece of advice don’t involve politics and beautiful Boston. Accept the fact President Trump is the President and move on. Stick to what you are here for and that is posting photos and videos of beautiful boston terriers.

Jason Grzybowski

I jokingly said it was his campaign head shot when I submitted the photo… It’s not their fault.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Lighten up. If you can’t have a little fun with this maybe you should unfollow this page. It is called a joke, I support our President, Donald Trump, but that does not stop me from being able to chuckle at this.

Phillip Ray Baldwin

Maybe you should stop showing your true colors.

Jason Grzybowski

I took this photo before the election even took place and was saying it then, just for the record.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Jason Grzybowski you do not need to justify it for someone who is showing his true colors while calling other people out. It is a cute picture and cute pup and if he can’t accept that, then so be it.

Eric Lee

You mentioned Trump first, Phillip. And, by the way, no one asked you.

Bob Cowan

So what is all this commentary about. I see a beautiful BT followed by a tiff.

Phillip Ray Baldwin

Eric Lee your feelings hurt?

Linda Phillips

Geez, she didn’t say he was running for president. I thought he was just running for most beautiful Boston. Someone is a little too sensitive.

Eric Lee

That the best you got, Phillip? You suck at baiting. Try again.

Linda Phillips

Eric Lee Phillip takes after his dear leader, thin skin and all.

David J. Riesbeck

Well, since nobody else wants to say it, I will: Phillip, Stewie would be a better president than Trump. You know why? Because he’s a Boston. Bostons are wise, loving, and playful, and they really barely know how to lie; they also have a sense of shame, and what they really want is for everybody to be happy. They are better than most of us. But while we’re at it, a piece of advice: don’t tell people not to involve politics when you’re the one who involved politics in the first place. Go hang out with your Boston. The world… Read more »

Denise Crystal Noskcirdneh

My dog is named Trump. Let’s just look at his cute face and be nice . .we all love dogs. Get a blessing from it.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

Denise Crystal Noskcirdneh Trump is adorable. How did you come up with his name?