Rolled Up in Blanket! – Jazzy at 3 Years Old from Poland (Photo)


    Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Jazzy at 3 years old from Poland.

    He was Rolled up in a blanket! 🙂

    Anyone else’s dogs love to be wrapped up in warm blankets?

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    Rolled Up in Blanket! - Jazzy at 3 Years Old from Poland (Photo)

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    Janice Miller

    Ours would burrow under our blankets and snore all night! LOL

    Rita Canipe O'Brien

    Oh yes!

    Claudia Smallwood

    Spoiled rotten divas!!! They have the life!

    Andrea Sinclair Bruce

    Hahaha. Adorable! I have 2 and they sleep like this every night. They are the best.

    Andrea Sinclair Bruce

    I have 2 and they are BOTH burrowing cuddle bunnies <3. I love your pic.

    Monica Resenterra


    Nicky Robinson

    My little snuggle bunny !

    Colleen Porter

    Moto and Chahi

    Rachel Renninger

    Don’t they all?

    Linda Walters Hess

    Oh yeah

    Kathy Lynn Kinzel

    My Betty Boop does!

    Paty Cholewcsynski

    And Rex, just loves his warmth and ultimate softness

    Paty Cholewcsynski

    Tank Carries his blanket around! 😀

    Ashley Kline

    This is from today! she loves blankets, if you cover up with one she is right there to quick get under and cuddle up next to u under it

    Diane Rateike

    Both of mine!!

    Tom Lawniczak

    You tell me! Lol

    Suzanne Trumbull

    Without doubt. .

    Susan Gobin

    Dottie does

    Susan Gobin

    Dottie does

    Ingibjörg G. Marísdóttir

    Gloría from Iceland 🙂

    Tamara Dumas Moser

    Yep! Both of them!




    yep mine does

    Melissa Cox

    My little Boston girl loves to be snuggly

    Sharon Barnes

    yes both of your bostons love to do that….

    Angela Nicholson

    My Barry snug as a bug

    Wade Vyhnanek

    Jana Lively Vyhnanek

    Rhona Obouhoff January

    Yep they love it

    Delia Diana Henderson Lewis

    Maudie snuggles down.

    Lisa Lewis Burris

    Mine love it…and when I throw a pile of clothes on the bed to fold after being taken out of the drier…they fight over them…they love to burrow in clothes fresh from the drier!!

    Celeste Roseberry Smith

    Our Demmi sleeps between my husband and me: she burrows under the covers!

    Julene Mazzacane

    Yes, all of them !


    .. Bobby is tired of winter ❄️⛄️❄️

    Krista Green


    Shelley Wheeler

    My Bayleigh loves to snuggle in any Blankie

    Jessica Cuellar

    Yep nice and warm lol

    Will Maxwell

    My BT will cover herself completely in a blanket. We call her Uma Burrito.

    Kelly Cox

    Elvis did not want to get up, snowy day in Chicago.

    Zuzanna Weronika Rusin

    This is my dog 😀 Jazzy 🙂

    Sharon Bell

    Oh yes both of mine do, especially since winter began ….:)

    Bob Ferrara

    Teddy covers himself day and night, his brother from another mother lays there like a lump uncovered.

    Mary Lou Flores

    Hi from CALI. enjoying aLL the sleeping~Love bug,photos! 😀 ~LoVe Gracie~

    Irene Farrell

    Kristen. Does Gus like this

    Amanda Neuser

    Sleeps like a little baby. Love him so much

    Monika Knudsen

    My Jiggs spends most of his day under all the pillows on my bed.

    Tammie Harrell- Leavitt

    Yes my Fern loves to be under her blankets

    Shyla Henson Lunsford

    Mine does all the time she loves to be snugly.

    Janice Abel-Scott

    All the time. When we first got her my husband couldn’t find her and panicked thinking she had been left outside, but she was wrapped up tightly in a blanket in the chair.

    Heather Bison Lewis

    Absolutely! Like a little burrito.