She has a Small Amount of White between her Eyes. Will it go away ?


Here is a question from Stacy asking other Boston Terrier owners about her Boston Terrier puppy.

She says : “Hello everyone i am getting a Boston terrier puppies she’s a female she’s only 2 weeks right now so I can’t bring her home but I was wondering if the small amount of white she has between her eyes will go away ?”

Does anyone knows?
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She has a Small Amount of White between her Eyes. Will it go away ?

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Cathy Parkinson

Breed markings😊❤️🐶

Allen Powers


Jennifer Mcconnell

No markings are permanent

Virginia Sontag


Nathan Steiger

I’m pretty sure this page just asks bad and obvious questions to simply keep its fan base. There’s no way this is a legit question

Connie Severson


Meg Kirkendall

Why would you want a Boston when you are not familiar with their standard markings?

Sandy Hyde

I don’t think it will

Stephanie Cattaruzza

My older boy is just getting whiter

Mike Blanchard

Those marks are just like ours, and she still has them at 9 years old

Linda Thomas Swope

I have raised Boston’s all my life the white markings are a sign of good breeding be thankful yours has some usually a wide diamond on the top of the head is a great sign.

Amy More

I’m a bit surprised at the responses to the question. There’s no indication that the poster was wishing for the stripe of white to disappear, in fact they could be concerned because the stripe is so small that it might disappear as the pup gets older. Either way, an innocent question that didn’t warrant some of the raised hackles of the commenters. Let’s chill and be kind people. 💜

Clinton Hughes Ross Hodgson


Preston Gordon

Between the eyes will probably stay but the thin line on the top of her head might fade or get a black gap in between the front and back

Scott Blowe

Leigh-Ann Turner Rideout

Linda Beeson

It will stay, this is my baby, Benny

Katherin Barrow

Supposed to be there.

Elizabeth Punkin Todd

No it won’t go away but will get bigger as her head grows.

Chuck Jefferson

Question – Does anyone proofread these questions?

FH Fryer


Deb Gallaher

Black and white or brindle and white are true Boston Terrier coloring. With some mix breeding they is now a brown (redish color) and white. However, they are not recognized by AKC.

Debbie Maddux St Romain

No, that her markings. Actually may be a little wider as she grows. Beautiful little pup!

Rick Shepard

No it will not go away. Both of my Bostons have small strips

Kim Curwen

My baby has the Nike swoosh on her head!

Cynthia Ferguson DeVaux

None of ours went away.

Lee Ann Brown Kenyon

No I have heard the black dot on top is a quality marking but to me they are all beautiful. They are the best dogs with the best personality

April Munson Russell

They are supposed look like that .

Nadia Pereira

nope but they are beautiful like that

Gill Short

No she’s a Boston and it’s their breed markings

Mark Hutchinson

If you’re referring to the pattern, no it won’t and shouldn’t – mine are mirror twins and have one black side with a black dot on top..all part of breed markings.

Marcella Boyd Rose

Why would you want it to go away? Don’t love her like she is, Pm me.

ChadNancy Caden

Our girl’s white swirl narrowed.

Dana Broderick

No I do not think so

Martha Kennedy Barry


Christine Zyontz

No. That’s staying.

Ineke De Kreek

No, why should it? All Bostons have their own markings.

Julie Berg Renskers

Aren’t they supposed to have white markings like that?

Pamela Denny Ruid

Characteristic of the breed. All of the 7 I’ve owned had it.

Maria Fernandez O'Donnell

Mukki – perfect in every way

Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

No, that’s her markings.

Corinne Freaney

this is yogi bear. he still kept a sliver of white

Christine Zyontz

Handsome boy.