She was Attacked and Bitten at the Dog Park! Any Other Suggestions for Exercising a Boston Terrier?


    Here is a question from Tinou Bao who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners for suggestions to exercise a Boston Terrier dog rather than going at the dog park.

    He says : “I have a 7-month old Boston. She’s very playful, full of energy. Been taking her to the dog park for the past 3 months to exercise her. But today she was attacked and bitten by a large, aggressive dog. Hopefully she’ll make a speedy recovery. But now I’m starting to reconsider whether dog parks are worth it. If I stop going to the dog park I’m looking for ways to exercise my Boston. Feels like walks are not rigorous enough. Any suggestions for exercising a Boston puppy besides dog parks? Below is the aftermath of her attack. Actually very lucky the bit above her eye wasn’t in her eye 🙁 “

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Please SHARE yours!

    This is a picture of her after she was bitten at the dog park :

    She was Attacked and Bitten at the Dog Park! Any Other Suggestions for Exercising a Boston Terrier?

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    pam Todesco
    pam Todesco

    wow my Boston was attacked in a dog park in VA Beach last week by 3 large dogs 2 pits and a doberman ..i also got bit trying to pick her up while they were tearing her apart it was very awful… I will NOT go into dog parks unless i know the dogs or there are small dogs only! I feel the Boston at least mine has a lot of energy and she is very dominant, almost like she thinks she is a BIG dog too…..could that have triggered the big dogs? i agree these bostons need to run… Read more »


    Play ball with her. She will get some running in that way. And take her for at least one walk a day if you can, always on a leash. You have to be careful of them overheating.


    plenty since they can’t do too much because they overheat. Going up and down stairs, playing, swimming, medium long walks 😉

    Janice Walsh

    That happened to mine at the park, now he is the aggressor he can’t be near any dog, he just goes after them. He is the most lovable dog with people.

    Linda Hutson

    Oh, poor baby!

    Kathy Eisman

    Aww poor honey!! That wasn’t fair!! She didn’t deserve that! ???? I’m glad she’s ok.

    Monika Knudsen

    This is my little fellow. He is 5 now.

    Monika Knudsen

    If you have a back yard throw a tennis ball around for her to bring back to you. My guy loves that.


    So Sorry! Dogs meet and greet by sniffing each other’s tail section, Introduce yer dog tail first to other dogs. also

    Geneviève Lorenzi

    ???? oh poor lovely. Is she right now. Many kisses.

    Thomas Yates

    Carry a taser 😉

    Linda Young

    Take her for walks

    Jane Leamen

    Try another dog park or take him to a big field in the country. Even if you have to drive for a bit. It is better to have your dog safe if it means travelling the extra mile. I hope the owner was willing to pay for the vet bill for your dog.

    Tasha Lockhart

    Hi There! Look up IQ Balls on Amazon. They are very low priced. . You can cut up greenies and place them in the ball. Roll the ball and the pup will chase it all over and work it around to get the treats out. It exercises the pup’s mind as well. My bostons LOVE theirs!

    Jack Parker

    Sorry to hear! I love my #chuckit! It is a thing that mama used to throw little rubber balls. I love it!!

    Robert Malyurek

    Never dog parks. I had that exact same experience once. My young boston almost lost his left eye.

    Debbie Shanton

    sad ! get well soon !

    Pierrette Perella MacGregor

    Poor baby. Get a bottle bubbles they love to jump and catch them.

    Elvi Baranowski

    We have a timid Boston but loves to chase. Medium size ball all around our house & deck! Even makes it airborne…great exercise!

    Charlene Broussard

    thats why i dont take mine to the dog park.

    Krista Hackley

    I’ve had the same problem with dog parks, so no more for us…only long walks and hikes plus visits with other friends with socialized dogs.

    Rosalie Bullard

    Don’t know where you are from but we have regular parks you can take dogs, if they are on a leash. We have 2 Bostons and they play. run, etc. in our fenced backyard.

    Michelle Vanelli

    OMG, poor honey.. I hope ur pressing charges on the Dog who attacked her

    Peggy Suleski-Lucykanish

    Poor baby. Feel better.

    DeeDee McCall

    My boston loves to fetch balls. I wish I had set up a agility course. We all could have had fun with that. Bur he just loves to fetch and is happy getting old gracefully. Good luck to you and your beautiful baby.

    Patricia Rollins

    Jumping up and down from the sofa, the bed, your lap or your favourite chair always works for our Boston. Hope your girl recovers well.

    Sandra Alexander Aikens

    This breaks my heart. I so love the Boston Breed.. So sorry your dear little dog was hurt..

    Marti Marikovics

    Not a big fan of dog parks. Too many over excited dogs. Too many ignorant owners.

    Kimmer R. Cashman

    Bike Ride and let her trot along side

    Heather Gunderson

    Keep her away from unfriendly dogs your instinct usually tells you which ones are good dogs or get her her own companion.

    Carla Bienkowski

    I’ve had Boston’s all my life. Get another Boston. They are the one breed that love to play with a each other. I have two and a boxer. The bostons play together all the time

    IElsa Henriques

    Poor baby. I dont trust big dogs

    Narci Drossos

    Throw the ball! We clear an indoor path when it’s too hot in our fenced back yard. Also, ours love tug of war with an old towel. Hide and seek with a favorite bone. So sorry your baby was bitten

    Dawn Reeder

    Our Boston loves walks and fetching. The Chuck-It ball thrower helps us get the ball a ways up the sidewalk and turns her fun time into a workout AND a nail trim. On hot days, we throw the ball in the sprinkler or go swimming with her in the lake. She loves to swim!

    Jeanie Shelton

    Poor baby!

    Kelly Perrie

    We get our Boston rubber balls. We hide the throughout the house using his instincts/his nose he tries to find it. It is such great exercise for him. When he finds the ball he attacks it and shreds it apart. This is how dogs act in nature, they capture their prey my sniffing them out and attacking them. Remember the Boston’s at one point in time were fighting dogs and have been bred down to the cuddly little reaches they are now. They still have their instincts…. This is our Boston Tux, he loves these balls…

    Rhona Obouhoff

    Bless her. I play ball with my girl, she loves it.
    I have 2 Bostons, the best thing I ever did. It’s so much easier with 2 and more love for everyone. Good luck

    Judy Jerue

    My Boston was attacked by a big dog July 4th watching fireworks. I just curled my body around her and saved her.

    Mark Stenvik

    Small dog park or meet up groups! I just walk my Bostons.

    Evelyn Hederman

    BT are so friendly with other dogs no matter how big they are .My Rover wants to go up to any dog if I let him, he don’t know any better what can happen. At the Vet hospital there was another BT outside the place and my Rover notice him before me and ran up to him stretching his leash. The other dog bit him on his face also . I bought Rover in for his apt and told the doctor about what happen ,and to check the other dog if it is sick.

    Michael Van Vliet

    She the owner who’s dog bit yours

    Diane Brown Wilder

    I use to walk my BT at the dog park on a leash, and away from the “pack” of aggressive, bigger dogs. Then if I trusted the remote area I’d let him sniff off-leash; I’d keep walking ahead and he’d charged for me, when called; (for just a perhaps 100 feet to catch up)

    Eileen Mccormick

    hi I always use bubbles for our bostons, they really get excellent excersize, they love them

    Rudy - The Boston Terrier

    I have what I believe to be a great suggestion. I find that games of fetch and long walks are just not intense enough to give a boston enough exercise and do not have the time to go on several hour walks or to play fetch for hours. I find that the various games of chase the toy as seen below work great to give your boston very intense exercise in 20 minutes or so which will tire them out and give you peace at home.

    Tinou Bao

    That’s my Boston Cassie. She’s doing great, physically and emotionally (still loves to play with all dogs). We do a bunch of things now: fetch, longer walks, stair climbing, etc. We still go to dog parks but only to dog parks with a separate small dog area. Just don’t trust unknown large dogs anymore. She misses playing with big dogs but the risk isn’t worth it. A lot of small dogs are not playful/energetic enough for her but normally there’s a couple of other playful puppies for her to run around with.

    Betty Marcus

    Until they find different owners for dogs, no. My little Boston no longer likes other dogs, he has been cornered by a great big puppy, in our own backyard, that almost turned into a fight, and snapped at and growled at by numerous dogs. Wise up people obviously if someone goes out of their way to avoid you and your dog, you probably shouldn’t drag your dog over to them. And why is your dog off leash when you live where there is a county, and city leash law, and it’s against the rules where you live. I play with… Read more »


    walk her around the block or use a treadmill also just fetch or even siwming

    Vicki Swanson

    just walking her yourself if you are able or I have seen many people by treadmills, if there are any wide open spaces around your home or at a park purchase a like 30ft or longer line and throw the ball or another toy. Good luck I’m glad your baby wasn’t hurt bad

    Sarah Jane Ohl

    Hope she is okay. Our Bostons love to play fetch in the house. we just play until they’re ready to rest – it takes a while but they love it. It’s too hot here for them to exercise outside now.

    Sandra Williams

    Aww poor baby. I just take ours out front and throw her wabba and spay the hose at her she loves running through it. She don’t like the swimming pool .