Should I be worried that our Boston Nurse on his Pussycat Toy?


Here is a question from Bernadette asking other Boston Terrier owners about her Boston Terrier who’s nursing on his toy.

She says : “Should I be worried if since yesterday evening our Boston is trying to get milk out of his pussycat toy?? He keeps doing this for hours. He stayed with his mom until he was 10 weeks old. Is it better to take away the doll?”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Karen Reed Corona

They’re not “nursing” them…they’re “killing” them. Mine used to do it with all of his stuffed animals. Always the face. The nose and mouth. He’d do it until he was satisfied it was dead. Then He’d rip it apart.

Lauren Stewart
Lauren Stewart

No, my boys still do and they are 9 years old

Betty Sinor

Nope most Boston’s pooch

Roger Mesley

And he is six…some smoke, some suckle furry bones😜

Noel Stiles

My one as a ten year old still treats his blanket as a dummy (pacifier)

Karen Slater

not at all mine used to suck on his teddys nose until one day he got tired of him and bit his eyes off

Robert Jackson-Crisp

Murphy has a kitten toy that he nuzzels hes had it form nearly two years carries it in his mouth to wherever he sleeps . Hes had lots of soft toys tgat hes destroyed but never his ( num num ) the kitten

Patti Jenkins

No worries at all!!!

Michael Rieder

No worries. It’s a sign of Twwwwuuuu Wovvvee(um, true love)! My nephew Clyde does the same thing…..AFTER he has shaken the favored toy to smitherings….aggression? Perhaps, but his Alpha Male was sorely taken from him way too early. I’d be pissed too!🤗

Anita Wood

Nope mine does it too.

Irene Pearson

No, you should not worry about your BT nursing on his toy. It is his “security blanket” As a matter of fact, my 8 years old Chloe still sucking on her blankie 🙂

Judy Sanchez

Mine did that his whole life. Got him at 6 weeks old. He was the best dog I ever had

Marti Marikovics

It’s a comfort. Not a problem…just a pacifier. Ours has to have a tennis ball in his mouth to fall asleep most times. Some pups get weened too young.

Georgia Hollander

One of our bostons nursed on is stuffed animals, we would take and wash them once a week and he did okay. our other

Kasey Main

When my bt was in heat she let a kitten nurse and she even made milk

Diana Fleming

My Boston nursed on the tuft of hair on t he head of her stuffed octopus for 12 years!! It comforted her and put her “in the zone”. It was adorable. Don’t worry.

Gale Stanley

My 7 yr old bostie loves all his soft toys, here he is going to sleep with one!!!

Diane McCalmon

Our Boston carries around a stuffed Easter bunny that she swiped 4or 5 years ago….sucks it, chews it, but never rips it apart like all the other toys she’s been given❤️

Mark Hutchinson

Nope. Just one of many neurosis of a Boston.

Linda Beeson

I’ve had 3 Boston’s now and none of them nursed on anything… I thought this was a reaction to taking them away from their mother to early and was a comfort action… LOVE MY BOSTON BABY

Sondra Geer Haney

I had a little BT girl that nursed her red fuzzy bone.

Mona Thornton

My pup of 8 years has a couple blankies he does this to on occasion. Just keep them washed now and then, rinsing well. it seems to be a BT thing, like burrowing under blankets and sheets.

Sharilyn Young

Bostons tend to do that .. I also had a Boston that nursed on a stuffed toy it calmed her., not to worry

Elizabeth Cruz

Totally normal.

Vanessa Brown

My senior sucked stuff noses for years. He stopped about a month after a puppy joined the family.

Shannon Mahaney

My 3 year old BT does it and has since he was little. It’s definitely a comforting thing for him!

Linda Askins McGee

I had one who did this, and he would have the most zen look on his face.

Rhonda DuBoce

My Wednesday has done the same thing since about the age of 1. Her baby, as we call it,is the only stuff animal she won’t tear up.

Melissa Leonard

No, dont worry. My boston does it too, very common

Tashia Kennedy

My 4 yr old girl Zoey does it every day…She didnt start doin it till she was 1…Its a boston thing…No need for concern

Chris Boyce- Brough

No need to worry. My Bostons almost 14 and she still does this with her stuffies and falls asleep with it in her mouth. Just a comfort thing. ❤

Judith Kuykendall Richard

My BT Shauna has sucked on her stuffed sheep dog for 14.5 years. She falls asleep with the nose in her mouth. Not a problem, just enjoy watching her relax

Judith Kuykendall Richard

My Shauna

Sue Gardafee Meier

No. I’ve had dogs who did that to their fuzzy cushy bed. No harm done. Perfectly normal happy greatly loved and secure doggies!

Lilly Grice Blackburn

All 3 of mine do it when they get sleepy.

Shyellah Cohen

Jackson 5yrs with his Teddy of 3yrs also sucked to death

Shyellah Cohen

Dahlia almost 7yrs with her Teddy whose nose is squashed flat from sucking since she was 8 weeks old

Deborah Ralph Girardin

My female Boston, Bella, has nursed on the backside of my male Boston, Hank, ever since we brought her home 4 years ago. Sometimes Hank will let out a low growl if Bella gets too rough with her nursing on him, but he never turns her away.

Cheryl Sicuso

My 10 year old Bosco has had a lambs wool baby he sucks on, my other two do not touch his baby but chew to pieces any other toys. He eventually sucks to where a hole gets in it and he destroys it. I keep a stock of them . They usually last months, but it seems to give him comfort even though he is spoiled rotten.

Janis Lafleur

Our Roscoe does it to his blanky.

Jackie Pointer

Mine do that all the time a lot of the time they do it before bedtime and it makes them tired they love it and I think it’s adorable

Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

One of mine sucked on a binky or soft toy all her life. She was a great Boston that made us laugh everyday. Nothing to worry about.

Natasha Gremore

Anyone want to buy this shirt?

Jacqui Lepp

Pretty common behaviour in Bostons. Called nooking (not sure spelling). We have 3 Bostons and one has done this her entire life with a specific toy!

Shirley Eller

No don’t worry all my male Boston’s did the same with their stuff TOYS and blankets

Nadia Pereira

No.They lick them, suck them,chew on them and finally tear them apart.Until is the time to throw the toy away and as long there is not little pieces that may chock them…..let the Boston amuse himself/ herself with their toy in different ways.Or you can redirect the dog distracting him with a treat, another toy or a walk.Some people give them pacifiers if they like to suck

Faith Howarth

No worry, many Bostons do this; comforting I think, sweet, calming.

Rosco Ziggy


Susanna Leftwich

Mine still nurses in her sleep at 16 weeks. If it keeps up too long, it’s easily breakable. Usually they stop on their own.

Deb Sage

VERY normal.

Lynda Sheaffer Reiber

No my Boston. Is 6 years old and she does. That to