Should I be worried that our Boston Nurse on his Pussycat Toy?


Here is a question from Bernadette asking other Boston Terrier owners about her Boston Terrier who’s nursing on his toy.

She says : “Should I be worried if since yesterday evening our Boston is trying to get milk out of his pussycat toy?? He keeps doing this for hours. He stayed with his mom until he was 10 weeks old. Is it better to take away the doll?”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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98 Comments on "Should I be worried that our Boston Nurse on his Pussycat Toy?"

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Karen Reed Corona

They’re not “nursing” them…they’re “killing” them. Mine used to do it with all of his stuffed animals. Always the face. The nose and mouth. He’d do it until he was satisfied it was dead. Then He’d rip it apart.

Lauren Stewart

No, my boys still do and they are 9 years old

Betty Sinor

Nope most Boston’s pooch

Roger Mesley

And he is six…some smoke, some suckle furry bones😜

Noel Stiles

My one as a ten year old still treats his blanket as a dummy (pacifier)