So Funny! Watch this Boston Terrier Being First at Using the Water Fountain! (Video)

This video is so funny! :) The owners of these dogs got a new water fountain for their doggies but there is one dog that started using it first!

Of course it’s a Boston Terrier that learned how to use it first! :)

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What do you think?

  • LA Joey

    Laurie Manzanares

  • Tom Lawniczak

    That’s a Frenchy! The BT is too smart for that trick!!!!

    • Boston Terrier Dogs

      Owners says it’s a BT

  • Rebecca Deans

    Robert Deans need to get bubba this

  • Cory Holland

    Heather Hammons-Holland

  • Jeanne McMahon

    I need one of those…

  • Tenten Thee