Squirrels VS an Old and Sleepy Boston Terrier Dog! (Video)


Here is a video of a Boston Terrier VS two squirrels. This Boston Terrier is named Boomer and this is him at 13 years old.

He’s not a good guard dog anymore! 😛

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14 Comments on "Squirrels VS an Old and Sleepy Boston Terrier Dog! (Video)"

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Liz Crosby Martin

My Abby rarely pays attention to the squirrels

June O'Rear

My Boston is 9 years old and he’d never let a squirrel get away with this!!! His favorite pastime is chasing squirrels out of HIS yard!!

Dolly Berry Field

My seven year old Boston just stands there watching them for a minute. He loses interest and trots away.

Alisa Johnson

That would NOT happen with any of our three Bostons…and our youngest is eight!

Kelley Zablocki

Brittany Zablocki