Squirrels VS an Old and Sleepy Boston Terrier Dog! (Video)


Here is a video of a Boston Terrier VS two squirrels. This Boston Terrier is named Boomer and this is him at 13 years old.

He’s not a good guard dog anymore! 😛

Watch the video below and SHARE with other people! 🙂

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Liz Crosby Martin

My Abby rarely pays attention to the squirrels

June O'Rear

My Boston is 9 years old and he’d never let a squirrel get away with this!!! His favorite pastime is chasing squirrels out of HIS yard!!

Dolly Berry Field

My seven year old Boston just stands there watching them for a minute. He loses interest and trots away.

Alisa Johnson

That would NOT happen with any of our three Bostons…and our youngest is eight!

Kelley Zablocki

Brittany Zablocki

Wanda Hogaboam

LOL…that was so funny!!

Cheryl Harris

My 13 year old Boston would do the same!

Karen Morris


Chuck Jefferson

Some dogs won’t stir unless you crinkle a cheese wrapper.

Nicky Robinson

Bless him, he’s earned the right to rest.

Lengyel Tihamér


Anita Farra

Check his pulse. My BTs would have squirrel for dinner.

Karen Eisenberg

I think Boomer has his priorities in order…nap times are very important. Let the squirrels duke it out between themselves! 🙂

Bugn LVoe

Aww poor Boomer…. Its sad really, getting old sucks. The day my Boston stops chasing squirrels, it will hit me and I will probably just break down and cry. Life without her would be just void. 🙁