Start with the Phrase “Do You…” and She Immediately Perk Up! – Bailey from Phoenix, USA

Here is a photo of a female Boston Terrier named Baily at 6 years old from Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Her owner says : “This is my girl Bailey! She can be very shy about pictures until you start asking her questions, which is how this pose was captured.  Start with the phase “do you…?” and she’ll immediately perk up.”

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Start with the Phrase "Do You..." and She Immediately Perk Up! - Bailey from Phoenix, USA

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  • Linda Inman Baca

    lol my girls do the same thing. And the head cock with it. Do you wanna go to PETSMART! is their fav.

  • Nathan Clapp


  • Chelsea Doss

    Nathan Clapp

  • Penny Price

    Such a cute Boston. Markings on face and neck area are perfect. Sorry to say “Do you” doesn’t work with mine

  • Will Maxwell

    I say that all the time just to see the head tilt. Funny BTs. :)

  • Allan Garcia

    Cheyenne Horn

  • Jen Griffiths

    The word “go” followed by for a ride, walk, run, etc.

  • Alistair Keppler

    Mine too.

  • Rae Levy

    Blossom does the same! I just say, “Do you…” & I have her attention!

  • Billie Susan Longfellow

    Our girl too! Whether it’s do you want dinner, do you want to go for a ride, or do you want outside. Are you work’s too.

  • Megan Mays

    “Do you wanna. . . “

  • Crystal Middleton

    that is sooo my daughter, Bandit! she looks just like her too. Use either the words, “do you…”, “go…”, “ride…”, or “walk…” and you have her immediate attention. LOL! :D

  • Sharon Barnes

    Good Looking,very pretty face….

  • Adam Zappe

    All I have to say is “do” and he jumps up

  • Brieana Lees Day

    Mine does that too! :)

  • Sarah Kay Hannon

    Same here with my Boston! “Do you wanna…” equals perked ears, a turn of the head, a wag of the tail and an occasional excitement whimper. :-)