Stitch at 10 Weeks Old from South Africa Turns his Head Sideways!


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier named “Stitch” at 10 weeks old.

His owner says : “We live in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is just the cutest little thing when I talk to him…. he turns his head sideways to listen to my voice and looks like he really understands what I’m saying to him 🙂 “

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Stitch at 10 weeks old from south africa turns his head sideways

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Luciana Callarinci


Alice Tuckey

We have 5 of these adorable loves they are the joy of our lives!

Susan Bartoletti

Oh my goodness!

Alejandro Villegas Garcia


Melodie Horton

So sweet!

Zoe Mallet

Nigel is 9 on the 17th

Patti Noulas

He look just likr Oreo. Love him so

Gail Barbour

Such a cute baby!! 🤗

Michael Markham

It’s called the head tilt usually it’s when you’re saying them something and they don’t want to hear it or you’ve got food and then you know you’ve got it.

Debbie Murray

Love this so cute

Sheray Troutman

Hi cutie

Terry Fulmer

Sweet puppy. Miss my Meg and Mickey. They both lived about 13 years.

Dianne Ormesher

Bostons have a way of finding that soft spot in your heart! Love

Brenda N Brown

A D O R A B L E!!!!!!!!!

Mia George


Rita Martin

Adorable love them dogs

Robert S. Zimmerman Jr.


Joanne Giglio-miller

Awwww miss my stitch frenchies

Susan Handley


Jan de Ligt

Snoop Dog

John Rowbottom


Polly Anne Randall


Manorak Phiakeo

Yes I’ll take you home.. love. 😘😘😘🐶

Cara Vanriet

From South Africa Samuel

Anne Wuyts

Is this the mammy?

Millie Hernandez


Susan Ann Reynolds-Conrardy

my son wanted to name our Baxter….Stitch. so cute

Charlie Fusco

What a precious love!!!

Anja Herbst

Annuscke Nuka Hoops

Annuscke Nuka Hoops


Blondie Dean

He is listening to Trump .

Reefa Enriquez

Floyd Cocoy

Shayne Ennis

Best friend ever! You’re in for an adventure!

Caryl Tiedemann

. have 2 puppies. I am in love, love, love, with my boston’s

Sherry Manchester Crockett

Can’t decide between Boston terrier and French bulldog!! Sooo cute

Linda Walters Hess

He is every reason I love Bostons

Seb Makemson

Georgina Makemson

Sharon Bell

Adorable, You gotta love the head tilt i believe they have perfected it… 🙂

Monika Knudsen

What an absolute cutie. My Jiggs also does that when you are talking to him. So funny.

Christy Merk Toth

Sooooo cute!!

Elzette Jordan

Want one too! Gorgeous

Ronald King

What a cutie

Paula Norwood Sterling


Tinou Bao

OMG, so cute!

Janet Whalen Dodge

how adorable. Makes me want another one

Wade Vyhnanek

Jana Lively Vyhnanek

Chris Tenney

Those paws lol

Chris Hellegers

Wat een schatje.

Brunette Linda

How sweet love him …

Mélysa Lavoie

Ptit bébé

Georganne Boolukos

Nicole Costanzo