Story of Daisee Mae from Wabash, IN, USA

Here is a story shared by the owner of Daisee Mae the boston terrier from Wabash, Indiana, USA.

This is her story shared by her owner : “I bought Daisee’ on Monday, March 11th, 2013. I have always had a dog in my life until about 5 years ago.  Last year I rescued a 7 year old Peke. She was blind in one eye and missing the other eye. She had been left in a barn over a harsh winter. I recieved her last February and what a wonderful gift she was.  Not only did I rescue her but she in return rescued me. Life was going along very well then my back went out..completely..I had 2 back surgeries in August of last year.  2 weeks after my surgery her back went out as well. I could not hold her up to use the restroom and all medications were failing her. I took her to the Vet for the last time later in the Month of September. I was heartbroke. I had been praying very long and hard for God to send another furry friend my way till Monday.  I walked into a pet store and saw Daisee’ in the little cage. I have never owned a Boston before and had no intention of looking for one. I had always had fuzzy, fragile dogs. I asked if I could hold her and I thought her personality would just bust out of her little body. It was instant love. I have only had her for 2 days and already couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. Looking forward to learn all there is to know about the breed. Thanks for letting me share my story.”

Here is a photo of Daisee Mae :

Story of Daisee Mae from Wabash, IN, USA

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