Stylish Boston Terriers Scootering in Converse Sneakers! (Video)


Here is a video of two Boston Terriers named Mia and Guizmo scootering in the South of France.

As you will see by looking at the video below, they were also showing off their sporty style by wearing shirts and sneakers! 🙂

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Kim Carrier Thibeault

Maxime Mayer 😂

Seth Rohde

Emily Przybylski

Waide Roy House

Sharon Ann Nunes House

Linda Askins McGee

Stephanie Salas, I’ll expect Teddi to do this when I get back! Happy training! LOL!

Stephanie Salas

Got it!! I’ll have her scootering ON a skateboard WHILE juggling when you guys have returned!! Hahahah 🤗

Courtney Markham

Evan Mintz….