Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Pups


Sweet potatoes are safe for dogs, and can provide them lots of health benefits.

Sweet potatoes aids in cancer prevention and healthy aging. Sweet Potatoes are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sweet Potatoes are inexpensive and easy to cook.

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Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Pups

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Jacques Joelle

Quelle belle éducation 😆

Shawn Stewart


Linda Walters Hess

My Blossom loves her sweet potatoes. Even her treats are sweet potatoes.

Patty Harismendy Balboni

Ya compre love it 💕

Patti Nachmann

Patty Harismendy Balboni hay k comprarle a la baby 🐶💕

Patty Harismendy Balboni

Ya compre está en el refri waiting to be cook

Michelina Caligiuri Barry

My Sister has Her Bulldog on a Retricted Turkey and Sweet Potato Diet Due to Ceasure`s !!

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

I bake mine then scoop out of skin and add to food ….

Kris Quigley Grobins

Nathan Grobins

Geri Henley

My sweet Lucy loves sweet potatoes!!!!

Linda Johnson

My Boston never begged for food,until I’d make baked sweet potatoes .I had to make extra just for her,since I love them too.Our favorite meal we share is bake salmon and sweet potatoes,with broccoli or spinach as a side.I make most of her food ,since store bought is so gas producing.She always has dry food for her other needs.

Oliver Lee

Amy Stokeld

Dan Milner

MiguelAngel Valiente Martín

Sharon Merryman

Mine loves his veggies. Even greens!

Linda Walters Hess

Green beans.

Sharon Merryman

Yes he will eat those, as well as mustard, turnip and collard greens.

Timothy Jackson

Will they help alleviate the stench of my little boys pungent toots?

Janice Russell

Carol Quirk

Nicholas Urato

Dawwwwww Kristina Breton

Kristina Breton

Nicholas Urato

Kelsey Heff

Kaitlin Boettcher
Terry Robinson

Anthony Rodriguez

Dawn Miller!!!

Dawn Miller

I know what im making when i get back home

Pedro David España

Cosette Guillermo de España

Lora Kupfer Brewer

Buster loves sweet potatoes and carrots a lot!

Erika Segobiano

Gabriella Segobiano

Lyssa Shively

Lacy for Thor and loki

Susana Pardo

Jose Pardo

Brett Witzberger

Maren Witzberger

Amélie Degaudinne

How do you cook sweet potatoes ? I have a 3 years old BT and she would love it ! Thank you ! 🐾

Sharon Merryman

Either bake or boil. Peel skin and mash up. Mine loves them.

Wanda Hogaboam

I wash them, slice (with the skin on) about 1/8 to 1/4 inch and put in a 175 degree oven, turning them every 1/2 to 1 hour..takes about 3 – 4 hours. My dogs Love Them 🙂

Quetzalcoatl Rojas

Naomi Torres 😮

Tom Tinsley

Ashley Rose DiLeonardo

Mara Leigh Morison-Ochoa

Alandri Marcelle Morison

Ricardo Gonçalves

Tanya Da Mata Goncalves

Sofia Foderaro

All dogs should eat this way… they deserve to be happy and heathy!

Vadim Ray

Ratkevich Inna Nicole Ratkevich Zamir Ratkevich
That’s very good for our little Maggie

Ratkevich Inna


Manuel Kalo

Stephanie Jesset

Stephanie Jesset

Good to know para cndo se acabe su comida

Mhairi Molloy

My dog doesn’t like them 🙁

Sarah Janicek
Sarah Janicek

@brophy cardio is the perfect model. Thanks for featuring him!

Jonathan Dufour

He love it 👌🏽

Jin Choi


Michael Whitlow

Karen Whitlow

Gina 'Grove' Booe

We garden and grow LOTS of sweet potatoes. Our bosties both love them. They will sneak all the raw ones they can and love them cooked as well.

Nadia Khoury

Joe Perna

Karen Morris

My Boston also loves sweet potatoes.

Cassandra Miller

My babies love sweet potatoes!

Michael Gil

Xochitl Hernandez

Xochitl Hernandez


Clare Morello

Molly girl loves them!!

Tammy Morrison

Yummy 😋

Adam Schuett


Gariann Muddypaws Frey


Gary Lee Gough

Pamela Hudson-Brooks x

Will Stole

I recall reading that potato skin is not something canines should be eating?

Nora Lili Laborczfy

Sweet potatoes are not really potatoes😊 so no worries 😉 my two Bostons are crazy about them

Sharon Merryman

Peel it after cooking it.

Wanda Hogaboam

I slice and slow bake with the peels on – my dogs love them

Johann van der Merwe

Tessa van der Merwe