These Three Boston Terriers Went at the Aqua Park for Dogs in Barcelona, Spain!


    Did you know that there are Aqua Parks that are specially opened for dogs who like water? 🙂

    There is an Aqua Park that is now open for dogs during the summer in Barcelona, Spain. Tuxedo Mia & Guizmo the Boston Terriers went to the Aqua Park CANINO Can Janès to have some fun in the water!

    Don’t you wish there was an aqua park for your dogs in your area? Please SHARE!

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    Cheryl Hoffman

    Good that they can cool off in this heat!

    Breanna Greenwood

    Benjamin watch the video!

    Penny Price

    So adorable!!

    Irene Tan

    Wait for meeeee

    Michelle De Cruz

    Darrell Oliver De Cruz Irene Tan we need to bring Bombi and Holly there!

    Jon Milne

    Kate, Andrew

    Sarah Kay Hannon

    My boy Boston wouldn’t ever get enough of the water. My girl Boston would rather sunbathe. Hahah!

    Alayna Coleman

    Taylor Coleman

    Letty Graham Corona

    Juan Manuel Corona

    Louann McQueen Reberry


    Gab J. Iglesias

    Raven Medina 3 little piglets 🙂 <3 wiiiii

    Raven Medina

    That’s soo fking cute…I need to punch the wall to feel manly again. XD

    Gab J. Iglesias

    Lol XD

    LadyDee Argueta

    Rubidia Claribel

    Rubidia Claribel

    Bugsy needs a mini toddler pool lol

    LadyDee Argueta

    Awwww my Bugsy! Is he water ready?

    Karla Herndon

    My Boston loves her kiddie pool!

    Emilio Kosmyna

    were gonna need a bigger pool….

    Jenni Borg

    Rasmus Thell 😍

    Patrice Thatcher

    Ron Spain!

    Ron Adams

    I’m ready! I love Barcelona! I hope we can get Jack to enjoy the water eventually. He’s not interested at all. I’ll take him to Spain if that will help!

    Patrice Thatcher

    Yes, the baby pool may not be up to the standards to which he wishes to be become accustomed…

    Aiya Maston

    I hope they play that music at the park too! Fun.

    Lillie B. Foret

    I’m moving TONIGHT

    Nelly DeCaesteker

    My two love the water and go to the St Clair river to swim.

    Carrie Evanilla

    Omg. This is so giorgi!!!

    Kimberly Baird

    Denise Young Sean Baird

    Robin Hamer

    Joey Evanilla Carrie Evanilla omg giorgi needs to go here!!!

    Kimberly A. Gray

    Barb Gray Meagan Gray David McDonald These bostons are having a blast!

    Barb Gray

    They sure are! How cute!

    Meagan Gray

    Sooo cute!

    Kelli Adkins Meehling

    Abbi Faith Adkins

    Rosamond Coody Baker

    None of mine ever liked the water! These Boston ‘ s couldn’t get enough of it!

    Marguerite Tenorio

    So very refreshing 4 our babies!❤️👅

    Rocio Oquendo

    Bellos iguales a mi SASHA

    Sabrina Tremblay

    Omg we need that in Ottawa/Gatineau!!

    Mandi Goodrich

    Jose Campos 👆🏻

    Nina A. Ilić

    Tea Jeršič omg pejt!!!!!!!

    Samantha Van Zyl

    Wesley Verhage bruno would freak for this

    Jan Lindahl

    In the hot Phoenix desert I would love to take my dogs to a hygienic and safe water park. Those were really athletic Boston terriers

    Tony Obouhoff

    Omg Rhona Toni Scott Emily

    Emily Obouhoff

    spain is a bit far

    Tony Obouhoff

    we cud build one in kg. Trav will fund it.

    Emily Obouhoff


    Cami Maston

    Nancy Houston Aiya Maston

    Catherine Woolford Hoffman

    We need this here, I would take my boston terrier there everyday.

    Maryann Hyjek

    So cute

    Cynthia van der Linden

    Dennis Reniers hier moeten we een x heen met Banditt 😍😍😍

    Yarit Valdes
    Sarah McQuillen

    Drema Jefferson

    Erin Cunningham

    Lori DiNardo Bolle Melissa Reser

    Gina Renay

    Vincenzo Senior Lauren Calderon-Garcia This is awesome!!

    Shannon Massie Turner

    They were really having fun!

    Olli J Corbett-Irwin

    Lynn Pearce

    Beth Shelton

    Yes it did make me smile – they had a grand time cooling off.

    Beth Shelton
    Clarice Da Silva

    Mike Da Silva

    Jayde Mackie

    James Felsch

    Becky Casto Ledford

    We need one of those here in Florida

    Deborah Ruelle

    Even if you don’t ❤ ️Boston’s as much as me, this will make you smile!

    Susan Roberts

    Love them, reminds me of my boys.